Atheist Frontier - Questioning what's Real

Atheistic values - Arts, cultural diversity, and society

Arts (and cultural diversity and society) The arts have a unique and natural brilliance in communicating ideas that transcend the qualities of both written and spoken language.  The truth expressed by art can be so powerful that it tears down the lies that have been taught through the ages (poetry is particularly effective in this area), which is why art is sometimes controversial.  Familiarity with the arts also utilizes different areas of the brain which can contribute creativity for solving practical problems, developing technical competencies more effectively, and inventing or improving technology.

Cultural divserity introduces many different types and styles of art, which can bring a vast array of foreign perspectives and points of view into our understanding of people from different places.  Through the conflict and controversy of the arts and the contrast of cultural diversity, we gain more angles from which to examine our own values and traditions, extend knowledge, and possibly influence or change how societies function.

Arts and cultural diversity can be combined to foster an environment that is receptive to change.  The driving force that this change provides can strengthen or break societies, and a society that constantly facilitates change in an impartial manner can serve all its generations with greater satisfaction.


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