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These are the internet sites of a select set of internationally valued universities.  If you know of a web site that should be included in this list, please share it with us.

[Acadian University]Acadia University
Since 1838, Acadia University has challenged students to excel both in and out of the classroom by providing a personalized and rigorous liberal education; promoting a robust and respectful scholarly community; and inspiring a diversity of students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and responsible global leaders.

The university's safe, small-town location and predominantly residential character encourage personal growth through close contact with fellow students and professors, participation in intramural and intercollegiate activities, and a wide variety of cultural programs.  Acadia's commitment to innovation is evident across the disciplines, while also engaging students to develop an awareness of the environment regardless of discipline.

[Freedom University (FU)]Freedom University
Founded in 2011, Freedom University is a volunteer-driven organization that provides rigorous, college-level instruction to all academically qualified students regardless of their immigration status.  Faculty are fully committed to providing our students with college courses equivalent to those taught at the state's most selective universities.

The underlying philosophy of Freedom University is that all Georgians have an equal right to a quality education because separate and unequal access to higher education contravenes the USA's most cherished principles of equality and justice for all.

[McGill University]McGill University
McGill was founded in 1821 thanks to a generous bequest by James McGill, and since then, it has grown from a small college to a bustling university in 2012 with two campuses, eleven faculties, some 300 programs of study, and more than 37,500 students, and also enjoyes active partnerships with four affiliated teaching hospitals to graduate over 1,000 health care professionals each year.

With students coming to McGill University from some 150 countries, the student body is the most internationally diverse of any research-intensive university in the country, making it one of Canada's best-known institutions of higher learning as well as one of the leading universities in the world.

[Online University of the Left]Online University of the Left (OUL) - changing our thinking, changing opinion, changing the world
The Online University of the Left, which was initiated in 2012 by the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, has a Marxist core complimented by a full curriculum and many highly esteemed academics, all focused in concert on the wider left.

Regarding Marxism (from the web site):  "Karl Marx's ideas are a common touchstone for many people working for change.  His historical materialism, his many contributions to political economy and class analysis, all continue to serve his core values -- the self-emancipation of the working class and a vision of a classless society.  There are naturally many trends in Marxism that have developed over the years, and new ones are on the rise today.  All of them and others who want to see this project succeed are welcome here."

[Royal Military College of Canada]Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC)
The Royal Military College of Canada was established by an act of the Canadian Parliament in 1874 "for the purpose of providing a complete education in all branches of military tactics, fortification, engineering, and general scientific knowledge in subjects connected with and necessary to thorough knowledge of the military profession."  On June 1, 1876, the Military College of Canada opened its doors to the first class of eighteen gentlemen cadets; these are the "Old Eighteen," known by name to all cadets today.  Two years later, in 1878, Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, granted the College the right to use the prefix "Royal."

"The Royal Military College of Canada Degrees Act, 1959," passed by the 25th Ontario Legislature and given Royal Assent on March 26, 1959, empowers the College to confer degrees in Arts, Science, and Engineering.  THe RMCC now offers a wide variety of programmes in these three areas, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels offered both on site through traditional studies and by distance learning through the Division of Continuing Studies.

The graduates of the RMCC have established a reputation of service and achievement throughout the world out of all proportion to their numbers (from the North West Campaign of 1885, through the South African War, the First and Second World Wars, Korea, the Persian Gulf, to the latest peace keeping operations the graduates of the RMCC have distinguished themselves in all aspects of Canadian military service.  Ex-cadets have also been similarly prominent in a wide variety of civilian professions.

[Simon Fraser University (SFU)]Simon Fraser University (SFU) - engaging the world
Ranked by respected national surveys as one of Canada's top three comprehensive universities for almost 20 years, Simon Fraser University is named after a famous explorer and known for its pioneering spirit.  Spanning many disciplines in eight faculties, SFU offers more than 100 undergraduate major and joint major programs and more than 45 graduate offerings.  Mentored by faculty acclaimed for their research and teaching abilities and coached by dedicated advisors and employers in their work integrated learning program, the more than 100,000 graduates enjoy limitless career opportunities.

[University of British Columbia (UBC)]University of British Columbia (UBC) - a place of mind
The University of British Columbia (UBC), established in 1908, is one of Canada's leading research universities and is consistently ranked among the top 40 in the world.  The university attracts 54,000 students from across Canada and 140 countries around the world to two major campuses.

For most of its 100-year history, the University of British Columbia's Vancouver campus has been located at the western tip of the Point Grey Peninsula in the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.  More than 400 hectares in size, the stunning campus is surrounded by forest on three sides and ocean on the fourth, and is just a 30 minute bus ride to Vancouver's downtown core.

[Wellesley College (W)]Wellesley College (W)
Wellesley College, one of the most academically challenging institutions of higher education in the United States of America and widely acknowledged as its nation's top women's college, provides its 2,300 students with an array of opportunities that create the richest possible educational environment.  Wellesley prepares women to realize their own highest ambitions and compete in any setting.  Offering more than 1,000 courses in 54 established majors, the College also supports more than 100 student clubs and organizations (as well as more than a dozen varsity teams) that serve a wide range of interests.
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