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This is a list of video broadcasters who promote critical thinking and are tailored to the interests that are inclined to atheism, often with a focus on science, skepticism, freedom, and rational thinking.  If you know of a web site that should be included in this list, please share it with us or add it to the "atheist Blog Roll" at:

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[The 1 Good Reason]1 Good Reason, The (truth {knowledge} belief)
Michael Carey and Xavier Hayes conduct Worldview Calibration interviews with people of various backgrounds regarding immense life questions.  Their interests and focal points include secular humanism, logic, and reason.

See also:  Michael Carey's Facebook page

[1Ring 42]1Ring 42 (High Priest of Absurdist Satire)
1Ring 42, a.k.a., the High Priest of Absurdist Satire, is an ex-Pentacostal/evangelical (4square) left-leaning, agnostic-atheist, and honorary pheasant who produces video commentary on how evangelical Christians interact with art and culture at large.

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[420 Atheist]420 Atheist
Music, reviews, fun, and games with 420 Atheist, who is an ex-Jehovah's witness looking to expose the money-making machines that are Watchtower.

[43 Alley - An Atheist Reads The Bible]43 Alley (An Atheist Reads The Bible)
This is a cartoon video series that takes particular stories from the Bible, puts it into a silly animated format that was common in the 1970s, but then asks some serious questions.  The author was raised in The Southern United States and encountered fierce devotion to the Christian religion for most of his life.

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[60 Second Skeptic]60 Second Skeptic
60 Second Skeptic addresses all topics related to science and skepticism in a series of short 1-minute videos.  All content is not-for-profit, and has been generously released under Creative Commons licenseing as 100% free.

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[The African Atheist]African Atheist, The
An African Ex-Christian who deconverted and is looking at why religion is toxic, poisonous, and dangerous.  Debunking the claims presented in the Bible, and by Pastors and other religious leaders.  Challenging the evil that religion has perpetuated in Africa and giving Africans information about religion so they can stop believing in myths, make-believe, and fairy tales.  This is a platform for people who are questioning their beliefs, supporting people who have walked away from religion, and asking Why, What, When, Where, and How.

[Almost a Doctor]Almost a Doctor - lasers, nukes, explosions, and more!
Almost a Doctor, a science promoter who is currently working on earning his Ph.D., creates YouTube videos focused on showcasing scientific topics with interesting twists.  Topics of particular interest include laser technology, nuclear tools and weapons, how explosions work (including demonstrations, naturally), and much more.

[Amy Newman]Amy Newman - Comedy, Skepticism, Philosophy
Amy Newman is an intellectual with particular interests in information systems, teaching technology, general sciences, skeptic comedy, and debates.  Her YouTube channel also includes a variety of interesting interviews and educational videos.

[Angie Dell]Angie Dell
Angie Dell shares random rantings and sage advice, and makes it fun for everyone.  She also occasionally covers topics of atheism.

[Ansgar Odinson]Ansgar Odinson
Ansgar Odinson advocates for the protection of art and freedom of expression.  In his YouTube videos he discusses games, comics, art, politics, and religion (he is also a co-host of the In Time show that focuses on news, politics, and culture).  Ansgar has a long personal history with art, and in this age where it is continually under attack from SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) and modern/extremist feminists he feels that we need as many voices as possible speaking up to protect art.

[Answers In Atheism]Answers In Atheism
Semi-regular weather reports, discussions with theists, humour, and a variety of other topics are all presented on Sound of Speed of Gravity's YouTube channel.

[Anthony Magnabosco]Anthony Magnabosco
Anthony Magnabosco asks random people he meets on the street how they arrived at their God belief, and if they are using a possibly unreliable method to arrive there.  The techniques he's using are known as Street Epistemology, which were originally promoted in Dr. Peter Boghossian's book entitled "A Manual For Creating Atheists."

[Antitheist Atheist]Antitheist Atheist
The Antitheist Atheist came from the ex-Jehovah's Witnesses community, of which he was a part for 16 months, eventually chose to become more closely aligned with the atheist community.  His videos expose the Jehovah's Witnesses cult - and in addition to also presenting various critiques of Christianity - provides coverage and commentaries on a range of topics including poetry, music, and travel.

[Apostate Chick]Apostate Chick
An apostate from the Jehova's Witness (J.W.) religion produces a series of videos about her experiences, and some of the pressures she encountered that arose from leaving the religion.  In one of her videos she puts on a wonderful performance of a "rap" (follow this link) that focuses on the religion she left behind ("jay-dub" is a shortened form of the initials J.W.).

[Apostate Prophet]Apostate Prophet
The Apostate Prophet is a learned former Muslim who focuses exclusively on factual and fair criticism of Islam in the light of experience, knowledge, and reasoning, accompanied by a healthy amount of satire.

[Sir Skeptalot, the Armoured Skeptic]Armoured Skeptic, The (Sir Skeptalot)
Sir Skeptalot, the Armoured Skeptic, produces videos that mostly focus on refuting theistic criticism of, or claims about, atheism.  His credo is "I'm no political activist.  I do not belong to any movements or groups.  I merely like to share my opinions on those who do."  His videos tend to be both educational and entertaining.

[Aron Ra]Aron Ra
Aron Ra is a famous atheist activist and the host of the Ra-Men Podcast.  He formerly served as President of the Atheist Alliance of America and is a regional director of American Atheists.  Aron produces YouTube videos about science, the problems with religion, and a variety of other interesting and mostly-related topics.

[Art Against Ignorance]Art Against Ignorance
Using his unique style of communication, Art Against Ignorance dissovles ignorance with music that is intended to be thought-provoking in a colourful, creative way, in the form of original songs and music videos that he hopes will convincingly symbolize many virtues that centre on skepticism, critical thinking, gaining knowledge, utilizing logic, promoting honesty, etc., to rebel against all forms of indoctrination and oppression.

[Artimus Branesample]Artimus Branesample
Artimus Branesample has discovered that designer fruit flies don't generate as much on the open market as many people might think, so, sadly, he had to give it up.  Fortunately, he does occasionally produce videos about some of the objectively dumbest opinions, beliefs, and personalities that most people generally prefer to avoid, an intellectual sacrifice that is appreciated.

[AtheismTV]AtheismTV - Embrace Rationality!
AtheismTV an educational YouTube channel dedicated to promoting rational thinking, defending the separation of church from state, and providing support for atheists worldwide.  Here you will also find some interesting satirical videos, some of which are music parodies.

[Atheist Analysis]Atheist Analysis
Atheist Analysis is an atheist activism organization (registered under 501C3 in the USA) that is committed to delivering entertaining, educational, quality, and effective atheist content that is 100% free, and its funding comes from the generous support and contributions of others.

To learn more, get involved, or support Atheist Analysis, please visit the official web site at

[Atheist Echoes]Atheist Echoes
Atheist Echoes' videos cover a variety of topics, including freedom, politics, social issues, and various things that atheists have said thosuands of times before.

[Atheist Edge]Atheist Edge
Atheist Edge is a YouTube webcast produced in the Northern region of Texas, USA, which focuses on engaging aspects of the atheism community at large and strives to provide a platform to promote atheists in fun ways.

[Atheist Enlightenment]Atheist Enlightenment (AE)
Josh Archon, the host of Atheist Enlightenment (AE), promotes educational/secular topics ranging from the natural sciences (astronomy, physics, geology, biology/evolution, etc.) to the social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, archeology, etc.) to philosophy (religion/theology, epistemological, rationalism, morality, etc.), and he makes them understandable and easily digestible to people seeking knowledge.  The goal at AE is to create a community that promotes inquiry, skepticism, and critical thinking.

[The Atheist Experience]Atheist Experience, The
The Atheist Experience is a weekly live cable access television show in Austin, Texas, USA, that is geared at a non-atheist audience.  The show is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin, which is organized as a non-profit educational corporation to develop and support the atheist community, to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation, to oppose discrimination against atheists, and to work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.

See also:  The Atheist Experience web site

[An Atheistic Snail's Journey]Atheistic Snail's Journey, An
Atheistic Snail hosts a YouTube channel where she shares her journey from Catholicism to Atheism.  She also discusses religion in general, politics, and other subjects of interest.

[Atheist Jr.]Atheist Jr.
Atheist Jr. responds to Professor Dr. Kent Hovind and makes content about debates between people who accept the scientific consensus on biological evolution by natural selection and speciation versus people who think that the Earth is 6,000 years old and people rode on the backs of dinosaurs.  In addition to this, Atheist Jr. also creates atheist activism content.

[Atheist Minority]Atheist Minority
A former Christian who was indoctrinated at an obscenely early age, Atheist Minority has since broken the chains of religious dogma.  A long journey of questions, logic, and free-thinking has ultimately led her to atheism, and she firmly believes that it's the best thing that's ever happened to her.  She hopes that something she says in her videos will plant a seed for others, too.

An example of the wisdom and encourage she imparts:  "I know it's scary to stop believing in something you have always been convinced is the truth, but all you need is an open mind and a little bit of courage.  Think for yourself - don't be afraid to question what you've always been told, and don't make decisions based on fear and fantasies."

[Atheist Morph]Atheist Morph
Atheist Morph covers a variety of topics including logic, fallacies, education, social issues, religion and atheism, plus other related topics, and debunks a variety of claims that straddle these topics.

[Atheist UK]Atheist UK
Ken, who is the host of Atheist UK, is a biologist and atheist who focuses on the subject of atheism from a scientists point of view.  Ken is also a proponent of freedom and human rights, and advocates for better education, particularely science education.

[The Atheist Veteran]Atheist Veteran, The
The Atheist Veteran provides commentary on world events, politics, and anything else that he takes an interest in (very often this means a focus on topics that are of interest to atheists and/or veterans).

[The Atheist Voice]Atheist Voice, The
The Atheist Voice provides a platform for discussion for atheist leaders, authors, bloggers, activists, and everybody else who is passionate about atheism, and secularism.&nbps; Everyone is encouraged to join the discussion by adding comments to this channel's videos.

[Atom Skeptic - Truth Through Science]Atom Skeptic - Truth Through Science
Atom Skeptic makes YouTube videos focusing on Creationist claims, and his primary is goal is to communicate accurate information about science.

[Atom The Atheist]Atom The Atheist
Atom The Atheist was raised and educated as a fundamentalist Christian and was home-schooled with a strong focus on Young Earth Creationism and conservative Christian values.  Now that he's an adult, he's "shining the light" on dogma, ignorance, and extremism, and he's well-suited to this because he has first-hand knowledge about the damaging impacts bad ideas and religion can have on society when left unchecked in the secluded pockets of the devoted.  (Atom's videos focus primarily on atheism, skepticism, and humanism.)

[Aunt Jer]Aunt Jer
Aunt Jer focuses mostly on her efforts to encourage other atheists and support the development of atheism communities from behind-the-scenes.  This is her YouTube channel.

[Axioms On Trial]Axioms On Trial
Axioms on Trial focuses on conversations with people within philosophy, theology, and science to provide productive insight into the topics at hand.  The host strives to be a bridge for theists and atheists to converse about beliefs as part of presenting topics for those who are intersted in debates, conversations about philosophy and religion, and breaking down specific arguments.

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[Bad Tempered Badger]Bad Tempered Badger
Bad Tempered Badger's YouTube channel features a variety of videos about atheism, religion, protests, and various other interesting aspects of society at large.  He also interviews other atheists.

[Bailey Stardust]Bailey Stardust
Bailey Harris is an author, speaker, and secular activist, and she is the author of the excellent Stardust series of science books for young readers.  Bailey is dedicated to inspiring a love of science and a sense of wonder about the universe, promoting freethought, and working towards acceptance of scientific fact in society and government.  She was eight years old when she was inspired to write her first book, a beautifully-illustrated childrens' book that presents sound science in a manner accessible to young readers and pre-readers alike.

Purportedly "the real Batman" - an atheist - who makes videos about Batman and related characters, and also occasionally dabbles in the silly sides of politics.

[Beautiful Unicorn Cat]Beautiful Unicorn Cat
Beautiful Unicorn Cat shares her insights about beauty, make-up (also instructional), fitness, and a few other topics, including producing some videos about her life.

See also:  Godless Unicorn (another YouTube channel by this producer)

[Ben Davis]Ben Davis
Ben Davis, who has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics and an M.S. in Nuclear Astrophysics from the University of Notre Dame, taught at the college level for several years on a number of technical subjects ranging from computer programming and math to, of course, astronomy and physics.  As a lifelong fan of science fiction, his main avocations involve history, futurism, and skepticism.  When not traveling with his wife, playing with his dogs, climbing rocks, or attending conferences, he spends his spare time pondering general relativity, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and the effects of antimatter on the dark matter/dark energy problem.  Sometimes, he also hunts for true psychics, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomenon.

See also (official web site):  Ask Dr. Ben

[Mrs. Betty Bowers - America's Best Christian]Mrs. Betty Bowers - America's Best Christian
Award winning parody of America's Best Christian, Betty Bowers, gives compassionate Christian advice, operates a blog and an eMail newsletter, and features a number of satirical yet educational videos about Christianity.

See also:  Freethought Matters video "Andrew Bradley: Creator of Mrs. Betty Bowers" with FFRF co-presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker

[The Bible Belt Atheist]Bible Belt Atheist, The
The Bible Belt Atheist is an atheist activist who talks primarily about science, religion, politics, and atheism.  Videos are traditionally uploaded to The Bible Belt Atheist's YouTube channel on Sundays and Wednesdays at 1600 (4pm) EST (Eastern Standard Time).

[The Bible Skeptic]Bible Skeptic, The (Brett P. Palmer)
In a professional documentary style, Brett Palmer, a secular biblical scholar popularly known as The Bible Skeptic, hosts a number of his articles detailing and exposing the unreliability of the Bible on YouTube.

Through his articles and videos, The Bible Skeptic examines and critiques in rich, deeply researched detail and sober rationality, the many claims of biblical inerrantists, Christian apologists, and creationists.

[Bigscreen Bird]Bigscreen Bird
Along with the reviews and how-to videos, Bigscreen Bird also covers a lot of random topics.

[Big Bad Mama]Big Bad Mama
Big Bad Mama examines and exposes the faulty arguments of televangelists, including the crazy ones, and the institutions they set up to promote as "the gospel truth."

[Bill Ludlow]Bill Ludlow - Exposing the lies [of Creation Science Fiction] one layer at a time
Bill Ludlow is a highly respected critical thinker and science educator who produces videos refuting Creationism, and science videos on paleontology and geology.  (Bill Ludlow passed away on October 20, 2019; you can read the announcement on Twitter:

[Bill Nye, the Science Guy]Bill Nye, the Science Guy (official videos)
Bill Nye, scientist, engineer, comedian, author, and inventor, is a man with a mission:  to help foster a scientifically literate society, to help people everywhere understand and appreciate the science that makes our world work.  Making science entertaining and accessible is something Bill has been doing most of his life.

BionicDance produces YouTube videos that are directed (primarily) toward atheists, on which claims made by theists are debunked using logical and philosophical considerations with an occasional dash of humour for good measure.

[Bitchspot Blog]Bitchspot Blog - Exposing Stupidity, Wherever it Hides
Long time atheist and conservative commentator Cephus of the Bitchspot Blog and formerly, The Bitchspot Report Podcast, takes on religion, politics, and social commentary from across the web in an educational and hopefully entertaining selection of videos meant to show the absurdity of faith and the destructive nature of liberalism.

[Black Atheist Rants (BAR)]Black Atheist Rants (BAR)
Representing the Black Atheist community, Black Atheist Rants (BAR), a militant atheist and anti-theist who openly speaks out against Abrahamic faiths, speaks from the heart to encourage people to band together, get connected, and use their digital platforms to raise awareness.

[Black Swans]Black Swans
The Black Swans are a loving couple - a god believer and a non-believer - who have a happy long-term marriage.  They share their experiences and perspectives about marriage, religion, and atheism in fun and entertaining ways.

[Blue Collar Heathen]Blue Collar Heathen
Blue Collar Heathen offers criticism of religious claims and concepts from the point of view of an average working-class dude, and seeks to counter the toxicity of religious thoughts and attitudes, as they lead to personal, interpersonal, societal, and global harm.  The magical thinking that religion requires does not halt progress -- it actively works against progress, and this is an affront to humanity.

It is not the educated elite that religion targets: it's the blue-collar working class they need to keep providing them with the income to maintain their churches and schools of apologetics, and our children to keep the pews filled on Sundays.  And while the doctors of philosophy and science can debate the Ph. D.'s of apologetics and ministry, it is the workboot-wearing schmucks, the Blue Collar Heathens, that need the loudest collective voice in opposition to religion if ever the pews are to be emptied.

[BMillzebub]BMillzebub - No Faith!
BMillzebub talks about atheism, politics, and other "cringy nonsense" including matters of injustice.  A number of his videos also covered the international child abuse epidemic that was perpetuated by the Catholic Church's clergical staff.

[Borg Skeptic]Borg Skeptic
Borg Skeptic primarily focuses on debunking content on the Jehovah's Witness faith, an organization which is a cult for the reason of providing no evidence to support claims and controlling its members and preventing them from developing individual thoughts.  A particular intention is to help anyone who is doubting their faith or looking for a way out to freedom.

[Brazen Atheist - Erin Louis]Brazen Atheist
Erin Louis, a.k.a., Brazen Atheist, is the author of the book "Expose Yourself: How to take risks, Question Everything, and Find Yourself -- Humor & Insights from my life as a Stripper," wherein she also pontificates on finding the courage to show who she really is to the world.  Erin hopes to help lead others down the path to their own self-acceptance, and her mission is to help people live their best lives without the need to please other people.

You can also read more about Erin on her web site at which includes her blog, an online store, a catalogue of all her books, and more.

[Bret Weinstein]Bret Weinstein (DarkHorse Podcast)
Bret Weinstein produces science-oriented videos in his DarkHorse Podcast series that focus primarily on adaptive evolution, good governance, the breakdown of civil discourse, subsequent mayhem, and the emerging Coalition of the Reasonable.

[Brian Stevens]Brian Stevens
As a person who is deeply concerned about the sheer amount of Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias throughout the world, Brian Stevens is encouraging people to do better by promoting skepticism and critical thinking, and producing thought-provoking videos that cover other interesting topics.

[Brick Stone]Brick Stone
Brick Stone (comedian Dave Sirus who is sometimes introduced with the slogan "God Hates Brick Stone") questions the lunacy of religious extremists, such as the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), througout the United States, and showcases his stand up and comedy sketches.  His entertaining interviewing style, which asks all the right and "very wrong" questions, is not inhibited by cultural taboos.

See also:  Brick Stone's web site

[Bridge The Divide]Bridge The Divide
J.L. Warren, the host of Bridge The Divide, is an atheist activist, educator, and entertainer.  He runs the Bridge the Divide YouTube channel where he addresses irrational beliefs, the irrational behaviours that often follow, the societal divides they create, and how those divides can be bridged with education, rationality, and reason.

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[Captive Desk]Captive Desk
Captive Desk focuses, skeptically, on discussions and opinions, and also occasionally shares a bit of humour.

[Catiana - Hello Universe]Catiana - Hello Universe
Catiana makes videos covering a variety of topics such as LGBTQ+, travel vlogs, storytimes, and anything else she feels like creating that day.  Her hope is that through this channel she can connect with all kinds of people, share her experiences with everyone, and inspire others to love and live in ways that make them happy despite any hardships they may go through.  Catiana invites everyone join her in her journey through a crazy life, and encourages the sharing of ideas and comments on all of her videos.

[Christina Rad, a.k.a., ZOMGitsCriss]Christina Rad (ZOMGitsCriss)
Christina Rad is a YouTube video producer who takes her productions very seriously.  She is a free thinking skeptic with integrity because she has demonstrated that she values improving or correcting information when errors are brought to her attention (and the better information or the refutations can be verified).  Her videos cover an interesting variety of psychological and philosophical topics, many of which pertain to human emotions or atheism.

[Christopher Maute]Christopher Maute
Christopher Maute, Ed.M., who lectures at Rutgers University-Camden in the Psychology Dept., has research interests ranging from changes in perception due to biases, to how arousal states affect body odor.

[Christy Santiago]Christy Santiago (Higher Frequenciez)
Most prominently with a love for books, the well-read Christy Santiago, who co-hosts the LEAH Podcast (League of Extraordinary Atheists for Humanism), enjoys a wide range of topics and interests, including atheism (in particular).  She also has concerns about the dangers of religions and the problems they create for people in all walks of life.

[Church Of Atheism (COA)]Church Of Atheism (COA)
Starting casually and just for fun, this podcast quickly turned into a serious programme with more than 50 episodes resulting from its dedicated hosts who put a lot of time and effort into it.  The topics focus primarily on atheism, politics, and religion.

[Cider and Port]Cider and Port (I may be wrong, but it's highly unlikely)
Cider and Port takes live calls from theists to tell why they should also believe in deities, and covers various other topics like politics.

[Cleaning The Glass]Cleaning The Glass
In addition to regular videos on theism/atheism and critical thinking, Cleaning The Glass tells Bible Bedtime Stories.

[Clockwork Rex]Clockwork Rex
Clockwork Rex covers topics about society, with a particular focus on the first four Amendments of the United States Constitution, flawed reasoning, paranoid logic, rap and heavy metal music, and whether video games are corrupting society.

[Compelled Unbeliever]Compelled Unbeliever - Understand the Difference between Religious dogmas, the Bible, and Facts: Have peace of Mind
This Channel addresses the Bible from a historical perspective, common things misunderstood about it, flawed Christian philosophy, and theology from the perspective of a former young earth creationist, fundamentalist, and extremist.  This channel is also intended for all who might be questioning their faith.

[Cosmic Skeptic (Alex J. O'Connor)]Cosmic Skeptic (Alex J. O'Connor)
Cosmic Skeptic is a YouTube channel intended for the discussion of philosophical topics ranging from the crucially important to the trivially interesting.  The hose, Alex J. O'Connor, generally presents with a strong focus on skeptical inquiry and scientific validity.

[Critical Cripple (Dave)]Critical Cripple (Dave)
Critical Cripple is a pro-science, pro-comedy, anti-religious-harm advocate and atheist named Dave who has an interest in history, freedom, and health matters concerning chronmic pain.

[Curious And More Curious]Curious And More Curious (the world can be amazing)
Clear and straight-forward applications of logic and skepticism are routinely demonstrated with a calm and professional demeanor by this YouTube channel's host, a critical thinker who has an interest in a wide variety of topics (and if you want to play the drinking game, take a shot every time the host mentions evidence -- most of his videos should get you pretty knackered).

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[The Daily Atheist]Daily Atheist, The
Chris Mallard, a non-fiction and science-fiction author, is a far-left liberal and skeptical-atheist who hosts and produces a daily YouTube show called The Daily Atheist in which he also regularly features guests who share their perspectives on atheism and related topics.

[Dallas Wade]Dallas Wade
With the goal to correct misinformation, debunk fallacious arguments, and expose bad behavior, Dallas Wade is an atheist and skeptic who produces YouTube videos wherein he thoughtfully critiques a wide variety of bad or otherwise defective ideas.

[Damien AtHope]Damien Marie AtHope (Axiological atheist)
Damien Marie AtHope is an Axiological atheist, anti-theist, anti-religionist, Secular Humanist, rationalist, writer, artist, poet, philosopher, advocate, activist, and Psychology and Armchair Archaeology/Anthropology/Historian.

As an Axiological atheist and far-leftist "Anarcho-Humanist," Damien also has a particularly wide range of interests in freedom, liberty, justice, equality, ethics, Humanism, science, atheism, antiteism, antireligionism, ignosticism, left-libertarianism, anarchism, socialism, mutualism, axiology, metaphysics, LGBTQI, philosophy, advocacy, activism, mental health, psychology, archaeology, social work, sexual rights, marriage rights, womens' rights, gender rights, child rights, secular rights, race equality, ableism/disability equality, etc.

This deeply philocophical cartoon comedy series is famous for "roasting" religion over the firey coals of skepticism.  The author doesn't address religion because of God; he addresses it because of the people who believe in God.  He doesn't want them to believe in a fantasy; he wants them to believe what is true.

From the author:  "If most of the world believed in Harry Potter and based life decisions - that affect everyone - on that belief, then I'd spend my time addressing Harry Potter, and I want you to get this straight: I don't know if a deity exists, but I do know the Abrahamic God doesn't exist, for He is an illogical concept, rife with contradiction - a square circle of loving wrath."

[Darrel Ray]Darrel Ray
This channel, which is hosted by Darrel Ray, deals with the psychosocial aspects of religion, bringing it down to a personal level.  How does guilt work?  Why is sexual control so important to so many religions?  Why do religious leaders say one thing and do another?

[David C. Smalley]David C. Smalley
David C. Smalley is a comedian, actor, voice actor, podcast host, and author, who loves to have conversations with people who disagree with him.  David has appeared on CNN, FOX, NewsMaxTV, The Adam Carolla Show, Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr, and many radio shows and podcasts, encouraging humanism and extending peaceful and respectful challenges to dogmatic claims, while welcoming disagreement for public entertainment and education.

He and his team have raised nearly half a million dollars for charitable organizations and people in need.  Past guests include, but are not limited to; Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Adam Carolla, Bruce Buffer, Richard Dawkins, Ken Shamrock, Dennis Prager, Lawrence Krauss, Penn Jillette, Michael Shermer, Jay Mohr, Bryan Fischer, Dave Rubin, Peter Boghossian, Cara Santa Maria, Frank Turek, and many more.

See also:  David C. Smalley's web site

[David John Wellman]David John Wellman
David John Wellman is a former Christian and philosophy enthusiast who examines the arguments for and against God (philosophy and response videos are usually posted on Sundays).

[Ded City]Ded City
Ded City is a voice actor, cartoonist, philosopher, and atheist who covers a wide variety of topics on their YouTube channel, including the debunking of claims by some famous Christians who promote Young Earth Creationism.

[Dick Dawson]Dick Dawson
Taking the MIB (Men In Black) approach to pseudoscience is what Dick Dawson does as a member of The Shills and creator of The EiE Network.

The Shills (EiE Network):

[Delicious Danish]Delicious Danish
Delicious Danish (formerly known as A bit of tea & danish) is a YouTube channel where mental health matters, which means that you can feel free and accepted, no matter who you are, and to freely say your opinion without being judged.  The videos cover a variety of topics, including "not so normal" subjects like asexuality, Christianity vs. science, and LEGO building from time-to-time.  Delicious Danish also hosts a fun show called TMI every Thursday.

[The DeViance]DeViance, The
As a creator of music, commentary, and humour, The DeViance strives to create high quality content for everyone on this Earthly globe we call "home."  Whether it is politics, religion, or music, Mikey Famine, the host of DeViance, speaks from the heart armed with facts and love for all.

[Digital Hammurabi]Digital Hammurabi
Digital Hammurabi is the creative outlet for two Assyriologists, Megan Lewis and Joshua Bowen.  Driven by a passion for the ancient Near East and the belief that history is both important and relevant to modern life, Megan and Josh aim to break out of the ivory tower of academia and bring ancient Mesopotamia to the world.  Joshua graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Ph.D. in Assyriolgy in 2016, while Megan is (as of the time of this writing in 2019) still working on hers and hopes to graduate in early 2020.

[Discern4]Discern4 - Skeptical Bible Videos from an ex-Pentecostal
This series of videos details the author's experiences with Pentecostal Christian religious fundamentalism, and he shares his many thoughts on Christianity since leaving the Pentecostal faith.  The more he looked for the real Jesus Christ, the more problems he found, which he reviews and explains in these videos (which include support for Closed Captions).

[Diogenes d'Mayberry]Diogenes d'Mayberry
Diogenes of Mayberry is a writer of satire, a fan of history, an intellectual, and published author of Manifest Insanity Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Think for Myself.

[Disciple of Kairos]Disciple of Kairos (Jim Majors)
Jim Majors - a professional speaker and the host of this channel - is a skeptic who promotes the fact that your beliefs are not sacred (nor should they be), and he favours doubt by encouraging everyone to resist getting comfortable with the idea that they're right.  Jim wants you to expose and present your deeply held convictions, and allow them to be scrutinized, primarily by asking yourself "Why do I believe what I believe?"

[Dogmatic CURE]dogmaticCURE
Inspired by our universe, dogmaticCURE produces videos about science and reason, and religion and superstition.  Videos often feature famous intellectuals, scientists, atheists, philosophers, and other great thinkers too.

[Doorknob Head]DoorknobHead
An enigma wrapped in a mystery, DoorknobHead is an active participant in the text chat sections of many YouTube premiers and live streams.

[The Dork Shop]Dork Shop, The
The Dork Shop presents content as "the world's best Pastafarian Street Preacher" who spreads the warm sauce of The Flying Spaghetti Monster's noodly love as he encounters street preachers and other such promoters of religions who don't respect or acknowledge the great and wonderful FSM.

[DRP - Making Atheists Relatable]DRP - Making Atheists Relatable
DRP is a YouTube channel hosted in the United Kingdom that features unedited, original content.  In these videos, the host, David Worley, interviews some of the biggest names in the global Atheist YouTube Community and engages in a diverse variety of interesting topics in addition to matters centred around atheism.

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[Eminent Reflection]Eminent Reflection
Serious thought and respectful consideration from a positive angle.  Primarily pragmatic, with a sense of humor.

[Eric Murphy]Eric Murphy
Eric Murphy actively promotes a positive atheist culture in his efforts to improve/build the atheism community at large.  He's known for his ongoing co-hosting of the weekly Talk Heathen call-in show, and for his contributions to other atheism communities including the Atheist Community of Austin (Texas, USA).

[Eric Murphy]Eric The Tyrannoceratops
Eric The Tyrannoceratops primarily makes videos that focus on refuting young earth creationist arguments, and also refuting flat earth arguments.

[Essence of Thought]EssenceOfThought
EssenceOfThought is an online media outlet which produces fully referenced video reviews of other online content touching upon secularism, feminism, LGBT+, and ethnic equality.  The host, Peter Thurston, exercises Critical Thinking skills with an Occam's-Razor-sharp intellectual precision that illustrates high-quality practical applications of skepticism.

[ExCultBaby]ExCultbaby - Go free yourself
Ex-Jehovah's Witness, atheist activist, and professional apostate -- despite her small appearance, she has a clear voice and she uses it to draw attention to the bad ideas and superstitions that come with religion and the harm caused by religious extremism.  In the spirit of promoting skepticism and critical thinking, she encourages everyone with her slogan, "Go free yourself!"

[Exmo Lex]Exmo Lex - There's nothing you're not "worthy" of
Lexi McDonald, who goes by the name Exmo Lex, shares her perspectives, stories, and experiences as an ex-Mormon.  She was raised in a Mormon family, but chose freedom instead, so her well-informed views on Mormonism are informative, educational, and helpful, particularly to anyone leaving the Mormon faith.

--  1   4   6   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  --

[Fay, The Most Gracious]Fay, The Most Gracious
Fay, The Most Gracious, is an author, a teacher, and an activist Muslim apostate who also serves as Editor for a publication by a non-profit organization called the Faithless Hijabi, which is geared toward helping ex-Muslim and curious Muslim women in their plight from religion to reason.  She also explores art, unpublished literature, and topics like human emotions on her YouTube channel.

See also (the Faithless Hijabi official web site):

[Friendly Exmuslim]Friendly Exmuslim
After promoting Islam for nearly half of his life, Abdullah Sameer left Islam and began publishing a blog and producing YouTube videos to share his reasons for leaving Islam in an organized fashion with the hope of encouraging others to think about these topics.

See also (official web site):

[Frustrated Atheist]Frustrated Atheist
The Frustrated Atheist has a love for history, science, philosophy, and many other subjects, and produces YouTube videos about atheism that also delve into these topics.  One of this points of emphasis is that people should feel frustrated as long as theists keep trying to push their arbitrary ideals onto society at large, particularly in education, government, and all other areas of life where religion is inappropriate.

--  1   4   6   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  --

[Genetically Modified Skeptic]Genetically Modified Skeptic - evaluate claims, demand evidence, scrutinize the absurd, and stay skeptical
Drew is an atheist activist and science advocate who is known on YouTube as the Genetically Modified Skeptic.  As a skeptic, Drew has strict standards of evidence, holds doubt as a virtue, and he urges those skeptical toward religion to apply similar rationality to the claims of alternative medicine and other so-called "fields" of pseudo-science.  And he also implores those religious individuals who are skeptical toward pseudo-science to extend their skepticism into the realm of faith.

[Geo Sam]Geo Sam
Geo Sam is an atheist who uses his YouTube channel, primarily, to share information about a free, open source computer graphics software solution called GIMP (General Image Manipulation Program).

[Geoff Breeze (Godless Scummer)]Geoff Breeze (Godless Scummer)
Geoff Breeze (a.k.a., Godless Scummer) is an atheist with an interest in social issues and debunking fraudulent (and often dangerous) claims about medical conditions and infectious diseases.  He also covers upcoming community-oriented events that are of interest to sketpics and atheists.

[gh AmputeeAtheist]gh AmputeeAtheist - Reality Trumps Mythology
Although we don't know what the "gh" signifies, gh AmputeeAtheist produces YouTube videos that explore a variety of topics concerning religious mythology, often with a particular interest in how their arguments generally fail and why their ideals are problematic in modern, civilized societies that value freedom, equality, and fair justice as fundamental rights for everyone.

[Ginger Nation]Ginger Nation
Quentin Phipps, who is the host of the Ginger Nation, covers topics that are interesting to the atheism community and also creates Minecraft videos.

[Godless Cranium]Godless Cranium
Godless Cranium is an anti-theist working in the important field of social services who supports LGBT rights and the right to criticize religion or anything else for that matter.  He produces opinion-based YouTube videos covering news, atheism, religion, and a variety of other interesting topics including, occasionally, game reviews.  The exchange of ideas and free speech are very important to Godless Cranium, and in sharing his opinions alongside his desire to share the opinions of others, he's always open to YouTube video collaborations.

[Godless Engineer]Godless Engineer - WWE Wrestler of Atheism
Godless Engineer is a godless, independently-thinking Southerner living in North Alabama, USA, trying to survive the Christian wasteland one day at a time.  He doesn't want people to feel alone in questioning religion or in being irreligious, and feels that if he can help someone to not feel so alone because they aren't religious anymore, then his efforts are more than worth his time.

[Godless Girl]Godless Girl
Godless Girl is an intellectual female atheist, nihilist, troll, and YouTube content creator with top-tier debating skills who is known to be one of Darth Dawkins' enemies.  Her videos feature debates and other interactions (including torlling) with Christians, Muslims, and atheists about philosophy, epistemology, presuppositional apologetics, evolution, theology, Islam, free will, veganism, and the existence of god.

Godless Girl has also debated with high-profile Christian apologists such as Sye Ten Bruggencate and Matt Slick; she has also debated a few famous atheist debaters such as Matt Dillahunty and TJump.

[Godless Granny]Godless Granny
Godless Granny produces delightful atheist commentary on the Bible, womens' issues, and other current events.  Her intention is to invite discussion leading to critical thinking about religion and its effects on people.

[Godless Mom]Godless Mom
Godless Mom is an atheist mom living in a small, mostly Christian town in western Canada.  She posts about secular parenting and her views on various topics to do with religion.  She is a writer by trade, and posts almost daily on her blog at

[Godless Recovery]Godless Recovery
Godless Recovery covers topics including racism, religious fundamenism, addiction, makes rebuttle videos, and debunks pseudo-scientific nonsense.

[Godless Skeptic]Godless Skeptic
Godless Skeptic is a science enthusiast and an atheist.  If you enjoy thinking and learning, this YouTube channel may be right for you as it provides all sorts of fun information, and interesting facts ranging from the grand scale of the entire Universe all the way down to subatomic particles.  Godless Skeptic is also interested in engaging with religious zealots on any of these topics.

[Godless Unicorn]Godless Unicorn
Godless Unicorn shares her insights about the effects of religions on society, exploring the more serious problems they've created throughout history and continue to be the cause of today.

See also:  Beautiful Unicorn Cat (another YouTube channel by this producer)

This YouTube channel is the coordinated effort by multiple atheists to produce videos focused on atheists on YouTube and social networks, and covering religions and a variety of other interesting and related topics.  Peter, the primary host, is an atheist epistemologist from The Netherlands who was inspired by Aron Ra, Matt Dillahunty, Seth Andrews, and others encourating people to care about truth, reality, and science.

GonnaGoForIt's version of "epistemology talks" with believers is unique in that it's presented in a format inspired by The Atheist Experience, with a slightly different approach -- their goal is to cause people to think about their beliefs in a context of re-evaluating the validity of claims and assertions they value and rely on.  If they can't get their guests to think so deeply, they do hope that at least their audience will.

See also:  GonnaGoForIt's web site

[Mr. Greycoat]Mr. Greycoat (Greycoat's Teapot)
According to Mr. Greycoat, "outrageous claims require outrageous satire," and he pours the satire on thick in this wonderful collection of informative and humourous videos on his YouTube channel called "Greycoat TV."  Famous people in the theist, atheist, and anti-theistic spheres are regularly featured using a variety of fun enhancements that make these videos truly entertaining.

[Greydon Square]Greydon Square
Greydon Square is a professional musician (a.k.a., a recording artist) and intellectual who is famously known for his Rap productions featuring science, skepticism, and atheism, and which also occasionally include contributions from other artists and musicians.  He also produces regular live streams on his YouTube channel.

[Grey Skeptic]Grey Skeptic - Answers in the Grey Area
Grey Skeptic, who is a staunch proponent of Social Democracy, is an Anti-Theist who co-hosts the LEAH Podcast (League of Extraordinary Atheists for Humanism) where he has been known to raise concerns about the dangers of religions and the problems they create for people in all walks of life.

[Grr Mania]Grr Mania - From Young Earth Creationist/Pentecostal/Fundamentalist/Anti-Vaxxer/Christian to Atheist
Grr Mania is a former Pentecostal Christian from the "Bible Belt" (in the USA) who believed in Young Earth Creationism, speaking in tongues, prophecy, dream interpreting, [faith] healing, and a host of other crazy things.  He was also an anti-vaxxer, and as a child up to his late teens he was completely terrified of going to Hell which lead to spending many sleepless nights wide awake thinking about eternal punishment, the apocalypse, the Mark of the Beast, and how all his nonbeliever friends (including Christian friends who were in different denominations) were going to Hell's Lake of Fire.

Later on, Grr Mania became a critical thinker using logic as his guide, refuses to merely sit back as a "nice little atheist" while other kids and even adults suffer the mental and physical abuse of religion.  He also encourages "don't just be an atheist; be an anti-theist by being logical and destroying one religious argument after another until only logic and reason remain."

[Grumpy Old Dude]Grumpy Old Dude
Grumpy Old Dude is an atheist, anti-theist, anti-religionist who routinely takes hatred and illogical ideas to task on his YouTube channel.

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[The Happy Debating Atheist]Happy Debating Atheist, The
Brently, the host of The Happy Debating Atheist, covers topics that pertain to debating subjects such as atheism, religion, politics, skepticism, logic, etc., and internet commentary in general.

[Harmonica Man]Harmonica Man
Harmonica Man is an atheist who talks about the musical instrument called the "harmonica" and plays it, and also talks about blues music with a little bit of comedy mixed in.

[Hive Science / BumbleBre / BrainBug]Hive Science
This YouTube channel's host - BumbleBre - is dedicated to creating educational videos that are fun and insightful.  Her goal is to share facts and dispel misinformation about the ecology, and, in particular, the biology of terrestrial arthropods.

[Holy Koolaid]Holy Koolaid - Dare to be Curious!
Holy Koolaid is hosted by Thomas Westbrook, who is enthusiastic about science and creating a technologically-advanced world worth living in.  He was raised a missionary kid, but no longer believes in the supernatural since growing up in a former Soviet, Muslim country right after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  His love of science made him question everything, and he's a skeptic of all things paranormal now.  As a people-loving humanist with a child-like awe of the cosmos, he tries to base all of his videos on the pillars of free thought, critical thinking, and scientific skepticism.

Thomas is also known for his excellent contributions to the Here and How podcast, which focuses mostly on science.  Most importantly, Thomas encourages everyone to "freely question everything, because truth withstands scrutiny."

Hopswatch is a Danish Beer Blogger who produces YouTube videos combining the "themes 'n' concepts" of skepticism, politics, and religion with alcohol ... "what could possibly go wrong!?"

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[Indigo Snake]Indigo Snake
Indigo Snake, an atheist who has a special love for JRPGs and choice-based games, focuses mostly on the genuine experience of gaming.

[Inquisitive Quandary]Inquisitive Quandary
"Think before you believe" and "listen before you speak" summarize the core philosophy of Inquisitive Quandary's devotion to abolishing the ignorance, bigotry, and hatred that unfortunately persists in North America and throughout the world.

[Irish Swede]Irish Swede (a.k.a., The Swedish Syndicalist)
Economics and political systems are Irish Swede's interests and specialities, and on this channel you'll find exactly this topic covered in a balanced, efficient, and no-nonsense manner.  There are also some short gaming videos, just in case you like to mix things up a bit.

--  1   4   6   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  --

[Jaclyn Glenn]Jaclyn Glenn
Jaclyn Glenn produces videos about social issues and atheism.  She is active in many atheism communities, and is also featured on AtheistTV (which was started by the American Atheists in July 2014).  In many of her videos, Jaclyn presents logical perspectives in fun an interesting ways when applying skepticism to a wide variety of theistic claims.

[Jaded Atheist]Jaded Atheist - Learning to think critically
JadedAtheist focuses on critial thinking and the social problems that result from the inception of Purity Culture into society how they originated from Christianity.

[Jake the Atheist]Jake the Atheist
Jake the Atheist loves talking about topics like religion and politics, so he made his YouTube channel for uploading discussions, opinions, critiques, and stories from his perspective as an ex-Christian turned atheist.

[Jamie Darké]Jamie Darké - Darké Corruptions
Jamie Darké (a.k.a., Lord Darké) provides a hard-hitting atheistic perspective on politics, social issues, transgender matters, religion, and current events.

[Jason Jacoby]Jason Jacoby
Jason Jacoby produces a series of short critiques on a variety of topics, including crazy religious people who are famous or infamous.

[Jason Sylvester - the Sylvester Report]Jason Sylvester - the Sylvester Report
Jason Sylvester is an author and history fan with a fascination for interesting connections.  He's also a secular humanist content creator who focuses on religious history highlights.

[Jay Pacic]Jay Pacic
Jay Pacic, who is obviously a fan of The Joker from the Batman comicbook/television/movie series, produces YouTube videos critiquing a variety of arguments that theists make in their attempts to discredit atheism.

[Jefferson Spatchcock]Jefferson Spatchcock
A former Christian conservative turned atheist examines and analyses arguments, debates, and discussions regarding religion, politics, and culture, with a focus on some of the crazier individuals found across the internet.

[Jen (with one N)]Jen (with one "n")
Explore with Jen ... through the alphabet with a skeptic, atheist, secular humanist spin.  Every letter has a topic, and every topic has a story.  Jen also curates an interesting "specks of discovery" list, and covers everything from true stories about her life, to Christian apologetics, to health.

[Jena Miyu - International Freethinkers]Jena Miyu - International Freethinkers
Jena Miyu of the International Freethinkers conducts interviews on her YouTube channel with serious people on serious topics, which are of particular interest to atheists who also happen to be freethinkers.

[Jen's Lil Corner]Jen's Lil Corner
Jen, who comes from "a land down under" (Australia), loves science, math, and skepticism who produces helpful and informative YouTube videos on these topics (and sometimes debunks mythological and pseudoscientific claims).  She's also in the LGBTQ+ community, and takes an active interest in gaming, creativity/dreaming, Humanism, etc.

[Jenna Belk]Jenna Belk - a journey of reason
Jenna Belk, who brings hope and passion to the table as a rotating host on the Atheist Experience, runs her own YouTube channel.  With her interests in logical structure and philosophical exploration, she also became inspired to start her own show about sharing a balanced atheist perspective, avoiding extremes, promoting curiosity, education, and humility.  Jenna hopes to be helpful in bridging the gap between atheists and theists, and having been raised in a strict Catholic household has provided her with perspectives that puts her at an advantage with this wonderful endeavour.

[Jesus Unfollower]Jesus Unfollower
Kevin Crowe, who hosts and produces the Jesus Unfollower podcast, wants to help those who feel stuck in religion or are questioning their faith by making podcasts and YouTube videos on the topic of deconverting from Christianity and living as an atheist with no shame.

[The John Cedars Channel]John Cedars Channel, The - Commentary and Humour about Jehovah's Witnesses, Creationism, and Cults
Lloyd Evans, author of The Reluctant Apostate, is the founder and senior editor of -- a website that promotes freeness of thought among Jehovah's Witnesses.  He produces a range of professional videos aimed at dissecting the various teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as new developments in the religion.  In particular, Lloyd strives to keep on top of the latest propaganda released by Watchtower by way of video rebuttals as much as possible.

[Jon Hammond]Jon Hammond
Jon Hammond reenacts stories from the Holy Bible and other ancient myths, with visuals and his own comedic flair.  He also occasionally creates random videos covering other fun topics.

[Johnny Drivebye]Johnny Drivebye (The Dead Sea Skulls)
Johnny Drivebye is an atheist, anti-theist, apistevist, secular humanist, and music aficionado who posts videos on a variety of interesting subjects where he regularly shares his music.  Johnny also welcomes open and honest discussion on any of his videos, and he welcomes all criticism.

JRChadwick, who likes scientific accuracy and honesty, and dislikes ideologies and irrational beliefs, is a secular YouTube content producer who makes videos focusing on the debunking of pseudoscience and crazy ideological claims covering a wide range of topics.

[Julie LaVoice]Julie LaVoice
Julie LaVoice produces YouTube videos about atheism, Humanism, comedy, mental Illness, and general madness, but the [mostly] fun kind.

[Junkshop Library]Junkshop Library
The Junkshop Library is the home of Improv Bible Study, an insightful video series with the ambitious goal of doing hot takes on holy writ, chapter by chapter.  The overall aim is to go through the 66 books of the King James translation of the Holy Bible (1611) at a rate of a few chapters per week.

[Jyuni the Apostate]Jyuni the Apostate - be you and embrace in self love
Jyuni is an Apostate who enjoys story telling through her own perspectives as well as through the perspectives of others, which she combines with art pieces of her own creation.

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[Katy Montgomerie]Katy Montgomerie
Katy Montgomerie is an atheist who produces YouTube videos that cover a variety of topics, including the social challenges and concerns of transpeople regarding belonging to the opposite sex in modern society.

[Kenneth Leonard]Kenneth Leonard
Kenneth Leonard promotes skepticism, reason, and critical thinking, trying every day to be less wrong and less likely to be wrong, working hard to avoid fallacies as much as possible, and hopefully also provide some value to curious people whilst elevating the level of the conversation people are engaging in on YouTube.

[Kirstin Opal]Kirstin Opal
With a fun, friendly, caring, and positive style, Kirstin Opal shares her thoughts on a variety of topics, including art, creativity, atheism, and a variety of things she's experienced throughout her life.

[Dr. Kristi Winters' atheist channel]Dr. Kristi Winters
Dr. Kristi Winters (a.k.a., "dr km winters") is a self-described "liberal, atheist, feminist, social scientist nerd," and she is also a sharp skeptic who also happens to have an academic background in qualitative and quantitative research.  On numerous occasions she has used neutral applications of skepticism to critique, dismantle, and debunk flawed, fraudulent, or simply illogical [so-called] "research" by others who don't understand the fundamentals of statistics and/or fail to apply scientific methodology correctly.

[KT45's atheist channel]KT45's atheist channel
KT45 explains his transition from Christianity to atheism and shares these life experiences with interesting commentary and insightful perspective.  These pleasant and rational presentations are often complimented by KT45's simple and fun cartooning style.

--  1   4   6   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  --

[Lady Hopium]Lady Hopium
Lady Hopium (Emily Xyvaria Mercy) is a ranter, comedian, rapper, musician, livestreamer, and the most based leftist, trans lesbian ace spec YouTube channel host when it comes to politics, gaming, hopium, and LGBTQIA+ issues you'll ever encounter.

[Laughing in Disbelief (Andy Hall)]Laughing in Disbelief (Andrew Hall)
Andrew Hall, who is the host of the show Best Advice Ever, produces the Laughing in Disbelief channel on YouTube wherein he invites great people to speak with him about the best advice they ever received -- each conversation has its share of wisdom and surprises.

Laura is an egalitarian transgender atheist cyclist with an interest in model railroads, debates, humour, ethics, and a variety of other topics.

[The Lavender Lady]Lavender Lady, The
The Lavender Lady is an atheist, lesbian, and transgendered (not necessarily in that order) who is a fan of peanut butter and garlic sandwiches.  In her YouTube videos, she shares a variety of interesting and insightful perspectives.

[Lee Lemon]Lee Lemon
Lee Lemon is an ex-Pentecostal Christian with a keen interest in fitness who produces YouTube videos answering questions about [Pentecostal] Christianity, fitness, living in Korea, and atheism.  She notes that she can't speak on behalf of anyone other than herself for religion, and for diet/fitness (for which she utilizes information based on current scientific research).

[Leighann Lord -]Leighann Lord (
Leighann Lord is a famous veteran stand-up comedian and the author of Dict Jokes and Real Women Do It Standing Up.  She is the creator of the People with Parents podcast and has been a co-host on StarTalkRadio with Neil deGrasse Tyson.  She has been seen on Comedy Central, HBO, and The View, and was recently seen on Netflix in the Def Comedy Jam 25th Anniversary Special.  Leighann was also one of the five national finalists in the 2018 ABFF-HBO Comedy Wings Competition, and she's also the winner of the 2019 Humanist Arts Award.  Leighann is a proud member of House Ravenclaw (with a dash of Slytherin).

See also, Leighann Lord's official web site:

[Leophilius]Leophilius - Science || Metaphysics || Philosophy || Politics
Leophilius is engaged in scientific, political, and philosophical commentary aimed at secular advocacy, Marxist analysis, science communication, and counter-apologetics with a focus on astrophysics/cosmology, quantum mechanics, philosophy of science, metaphysics, and natural philosophy.  His content emphasizes analyzing and responding to theological apologetics and pseudoscientific ideals; explicating complex topics in physics and philosophy of physics; providing a Marxian socio-political view on the world; and philosophical debate and discourse.

[Lilith Liberated]Lilith Liberated
The "journey of an ex-evangelical and back through indoctrination" is the quest of Lilith Liberated (a.k.a., Lilith Unchained), and her goal is to develop insight into out how society got onto this path in the first place.

[LilyCuervo Logic]LilyCuervo Logic
LilyCuervo Logic is truth-seeking ex-Muslim and staunch advocate for womens' rights who produces videos about feminism, human rights (which necessarily includes womens' rights), Islamic apostasy, and the various logical problems with Islam (the religion that is practised by Muslims).

[Lisa for Truth]Lisa for Truth
Lisa for Truth presents discussions on individual religions, their doctrines, dogmas, their histories, and religion in general -- how did it come about?  Why is it still around?  What makes religion attractive to the human species?  Lisa delves into the anthropology, psychology, and neuroscience of religion, and also covers topics that she feels vieweres should know about before making episodes in which she makes mention of them.

[The Living Dinosaur]Living Dinosaur, The
An atheist and ardent anti-crationist who believes that people are and should be entitled to believe anything they like as long as they allow others the freedom to do the same and represent their positions honestly.  This series of videos is presented beautifully and with class, and expresses thought-provoking ideas at a gentle pace.

[The Lone Wanderer's Bunker]The Lone Wanderer's Bunker - Atheists Will Always Survive
The Lone Wanderer, who has a Bachelor of the Arts with a double major in Political Science and International Relations, and a minor in Religious Studies, is saving atheists from the wasteland that is religion, one wastelander at a time.  If you are on the fringes of society or have been shunned by the mainstream, this small corner of YouTube will likely be a welcome change.

[Lone Wolf Atheist]Lone Wolf Atheist - Musical High Priest
The Lone Wolf Atheist is a skeptic, a musician and music aficionado, a proponent of LGBTQIA+, and a partaker of the arts.  Insatiably curious but laid back, this sunlight-loving atheist has a passion for producing videos about that favour the "Separation of Church and State" (which is also known as "pro-SOCAS" position), free-thinking, Hispanic culture, the Pro-Choice movement, and political perspective on how and why the First Amendment (from the USA's Constitution) is not compatible with the First Commandment (from the Holy Bible) as this understanding is essential for keeping God out of governments and bedrooms.  If you're curious about anything else, Lone Wolf Atheist welcomes all inquiries.

LookAtTheTrees focuses on the great outdoors, LGBTQ+ issues, atheist topics, survival and bushcraft techniques, and a variety of other topics.  While most of the outdoor survival related content on YouTube is created by Christians, the intention is not to take away from the knowledge on those channels, but LookAtTheTrees would like to be more inclusive to non-believers, and the LGBTQ+ Community and minority groups as they are under represented in the outdoor survival related demographic, hence energy is better spent outdoors learning and teaching rather than debating theists.

[Luciano's Logic]Luciano's Logic
Luciano Joshua Gonzalez-Vega is a digital peace worker who cares about people finding peaceful solutions to conflicts wherever they appear.  He can help schools develop alternatives to detention, or he can provide corporate and human resource training on nonviolent communication.  He can also help families navigate generational divides related to sexuality and religion, or develop restorative justice templates for city councils to consider as part of enacting laws.

[Lying For Jesus]Lying For Jesus - because investments need protection
An exposé of prominent and influential Christian leaders who have used lying and dishonest tactics in an attempt to validate Christianity.  What does one do in an era of scientific enlightenment when they have invested so much, yet are later confronted with facts that challenge the very core of their belief, lifestyle, and in some cases, career?

In psychology there is a term called the "Backfire Effect," which is the study of how some react when confronted with strong arguments or even blatant facts that oppose a closely held belief -- instead of pausing to examine and reflect, some will dig their heals in even further and do - or say - whatever they can to defend that belief.  The full extent of this tragedy is that millions are being led away from truth by those in this situation who have a public voice at the national and even international level. ...

See also (the Lying For Jesus official web site):

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[Mark Reid]Mark Reid
Mark Reid provides thoughtful atheistic perspectives on theology, philosophy, morality, science, and more.  He also enjoys challenging religious apologists and arguing from a methodological naturalistic approach to knowledge, truth, and how people evaluate the world.

[Mary Civitano]Mary Civitano
Mary Civitano runs a news-and-lifestyle channel where she covers everything from news stories to books and makeup, all from an atheist perspective.

MathPig, who takes it seriously his inherent duty to entertain us all, is a generous promoter and caring supporter of atheists throughout the world.  In addition to doing this from the comfort of his YouTube channel, he also contributes in many other ways, including on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord.  If you're new to the atheism community, we highly recommend getting yourself acquainted with MathPig as he'll surely take great delight in introducing you to other atheists.

[Matt Dillahunty]Matt Dillahunty
Matt Dillahunty has, for over a decace, been engaging believers and religious apologists on live television, in eMails, on forums, and from stages at universities and conventions.  Matt enjoys producing content that helps people become more comfortable and more effective at defending their views, and has a wealth of knowledge about the Christian Bible and a knack for identifying and explaining the logical flaws in religious arguments.

[Maurice Daniels]Maurice Daniels (a.k.a., Atheist Moe)
Maurice Daniels, a.k.a., Atheist Moe, shares his perspectives and experiences concerning the problems with religion and how to critique and respond to religious claims.  He also covers a variety of other topics from time-to-time, including movie and book reviews.

[Meddlin Megs - gaming, art, and more]Meddlin Megs - gaming, art, and more
Medling Megs, who is also known as the world's Science Angel, takes a particular interest in the cleanup of the messes that humanity has created with pseudoscience.  She also creates videos about this and other topics includes gaming, art, and more.

[Mentally Diseased]Mentally Diseased
Mentally Diseased is a cult survivor trying to find humor in the trauma of being forced into religion.  His primary focuses are on Jehovah's Witnesses culture, atheism, and LGBTQ topics.

[Michael Granado]Michael Granado
Michael Granado creates educational videos for high-school/college/adult learners.  He openly welcomes any questions or suggestions, and encourages everyone to feel free to reach out.

[Mikey Famine]Mikey Famine
Mikey Famine is a multi-talented YouTube content creator/producer, musician, and intellectual who regularly hosts live streams covering a wide range of topics.

[MindShift Podcast]MindShift Podcast
Is it time for a MindShift?  Are you on the journey of deconstruction and discovery in what we call religion, spirituality, God, the church, and more?  Join Dr. Clint Heacock, your fellow-traveler on this path as he applies critical thinking to such topics as God, the church, spirituality, and more.

[The Mole]The Mole
The Mole (who is also known in some circles as The Unholy Mole) is skeptical and cynical with a good sense of humor who mostly discusses modern present-day issues and battles Political-Correctness culture.

[Momma Atheist]Momma Atheist
Momma Atheist, a mom who sometimes needs to vent about the effect religion has on the world, is an Astrophysicist turned Climate Scientist.  Important topics include Science, LGBTQ/GRSM, Sexual Humanism, and everything related to Star Wars.

[Mr. Atheist]Mr. Atheist (Jimmy Snow)
Jimmy Snow, who is better-known as Mr. Atheist, grew up as a deeply religious person and has seen first-hand how dangerous religions can be in controlling minds and behavior.  Through his YouTube channel he tries to balance this by helping others to see there is a happy, healthy world waiting for them on the other side of religion.

[Mr. Bear Atheist]Mr. Bear Atheist - an ex-Catholic looking at religion
Mr. Bear makes response videos to videos that he finds online about religion, pseudo-science, and human rights, and pokes holes in their ideologies and/or opinions.  Mr. Bear is always open to intelligent, fact-based discussion and friendly discourse, with a bit of humour thrown in.

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[Nadine Callan]Nadine Callan
Nadine is a budding animator who runs a humble YouTube channel featuring videos about her own interests and beliefs, including some topics concerning atheism.  Nadine also produces tutorials and demonstrations about creating art such as jewellery, amigurumi, quilts and blankets, tatting, needle lace, chainmail, beadwork, paper quilling, crochet, and so much more at her other YouTube channel, "Creations by Nadine" (

[Nadine Callan]Nate The Lawyer
Nate The Lawyer is a Practicing Attorney in the USA and YouTube Commentator who focuses primarily on four topics:  Comics, Pop Culture, Life, and Law.  Nate, who is also a skeptic who enjoys delving into facts, is on a mission to make the law more accessible to everyone regardless of whether they attended law school.

[Neil The 604 Atheist]Neil The 604 Atheist (Neil Bernstein)
Neil is well-known for his "Deconversion Stories" YouTube video series in which he interviews atheists about their past experiences with religion and, specifically, why they left, what the transition to atheism was like for them, and the impact all of this has had on their lives personally, professionally, as well as in their local communities.

Neil is compassionate about community, human rights, and music, and, in particular, he's a staunch advocate for donating blood, which he does in honour of his late father who was also a prolific blood donor.

[Nervardia]Nervardia (previously known as Godless Strayan)
Science exploration and the counterbalancing of Australia's reputation are amalgamated in Nervardia's channel.  After the Christchurch attack by an Australian, Nervardia decided to address a potential problem for Australia's reputation for being the source of quite a few people who are vocally racist and bigoted in various ways (including religious bigotry).  Because of these people, the goodness that Australians really are is being overshadowed, so one of the main purposes of this channel is to add a small counterbalance to Australia's reputation by expressing views rarely heard internationally.

[The Nevermore Tavern]Nevermore Tavern, The
The intention with this YouTube channel (which was previously known as ETC: End The Conspiracy) is to be helpful in stopping the proliferation of conspiracy theories and, consequently, to promote skepticism and critical thinking.  The host of The Nevermore Tavern enjoys engaging in good conversations, producing informative videos, and including a little bit of satire to keep things light.

[The New Stoics]New Stoics, The - complimenting Orthodox Stoicism with modern Stoicism
Many people now aspire to be Stoics but find it hard to understand the real meaning behind it.  This YouTube channel, which is hosted by Tim Huggins, concludes the ways anyone can be part of the stoicism society in these modern times, and he hopes you enjoy the educational videos that he makes available (this is not just a YouTube channel, it is an educational organization).

[Nicholas Lamar Soutter]Nicholas Lamar Soutter (Writer, Philosopher, and Speaker)
Nicholas Lamar Soutter is a writer and philosopher, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, with degrees in Philosopy and Psychology.  His extensive history of writing that began at age 4 lead to writing four full-length novels before finishing high school.  Nicholas is also a co-host of the In Time show that focuses on news, politics, and culture.

[Nidemous (the animated atheist)]Nidemous (the animated atheist)
Often presening himself in animated form, Nidemous a recent deconvert who is taking a more critical eye to Dwell Community Church, and sometimes Christianity as a whole; sometimes the Holy Bible.  Nidemous is motivated to call out abuses, bad ideas, and toxic theology that are promoted by evangelical Christians, and with the desire to love, understand, and speak with those who perpetuate such abuses either knowingly or unknowingly.

[The Non-Alchemist]Non-Alchemist, The
New New Atheist.  Former Christian (Calvinist).  Interested in Philosophy and Bible stuff.  On this channel you can expect to find interesting interviews along with short videos designed to undermine religious fundamentalism.

[Non Stamp Collector]Non Stamp Collector
In a series of insightful critical thinking cartoons this author examines various religious stories and ideas in a fun and critical manner.  The cartoons also occasionally examine alternative endings to some religious stories that, in the end, often seem more probable.

The philosophy of not collecting stamps is a reflection of it not being a hobby because atheism is not a religion, just as not playing football is not a sport and "off" is not a TV channel, etc.

[NonJah Witness]NotJah Witness - #ExJW
NotJah Witness is your imaginary underworld apostate!  A former Witness discussing the Jehovah's Witnesses, his personal stories being a witness and getting out, and the controversies and outright BS that the Watchtower organisation pulls.  Then, for fun, he also thoroughly enjoys taking apart other stupid ideas being sold to people.

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[Objectively Subjective]Objectively Subjective - where ideas meet humanity
Objectively Subjective is a YouTube channel that is centred around connecting people to the ideas they employ.  In particular, this channel features videos on a wide range of topics from atheism to politics, humour to deep discussions, news to satire, great interviews, and so much more.

[Off The Chain Atheist]Off The Chain Atheist (OTCAtheist)
Off The Chain Atheist is a Nullifidian Humanist who volunteers to help homeless people in his local community.  He's also the co-organizer of the first Atheist Day ATx event (on March 23, 2019) that was presented by the Atheist Community of Austin, Texas, USA.  If you need help designing themes and merchandise, Off The Chain Atheist also has expertise in this area and can help you.

[On The Sofa]On The Sofa
On The Sofa (formerly The Black Sofa) is a YouTube channel hosted by an atheist who regulary produces response videos to religious claims (often Christian), particularly religious claims that are non-sensical.

In his valiant quest to educate the world, Orge343 produces educational and humorous content that focuses on debunking pesudoscience, primarily in the realms of geology and physics as they are often misunderstood by Flat Earthers and Mud Fossils.

[Overprotected Atheist]Overprotected Atheist - break out of the bubble and start thinking for yourself
Overprotected Atheist hosts a YouTube channel dedicated to looking into the issues that arise in Christianity, with a particular focus on why she "walked away" from the faith of fundamentalism.  As a woman, Overprotected Atheist wants to contribute to the atheist community, and be a voice that helps everyone understand why walking away is hard but worth it.  She also looks at many of the problems with the Bible, science, archeology, and how leaving faith behind has made her a better person.

[Ozien Talks]Ozien Talks
Ozien discusses topics that he regards as important, especially on topics of knowledge, religion, science, politics, and history.

[The Ozzie Perspective]Ozzie Perspective, The (Terry Devies)
Terry Davies, the host and producer of The Ozzie Perspective, covers a variety of topics on his channel including science, logical deductions, history and ancient technologies, and puzzles (occasionally).  He also debates with and debunks Flat Earthers.

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[Pangburn Philosophy]Pangburn Philosophy - let art and science inspire
Pangburn Philosophy, which is run by a philosopher named Travis Pangburn, promotes intellectual discourse under the presumption that "skepticism is the best foot forward."  Travis Pangburn is known for organizing large events under the Pangburn Philosophy banner that have featured a variety of high-profile atheists, and has spotlighted controversial subjects concerning religion, philosophy, and related topics.

[Panic Clown]Panic Clown
Panic Clown is an atheist video producer who insightfully covers an interesting variety of philosophical and social topics.

[Discovering Ancient History with Pat Lowinger]Pat Lowinger, Discovering Ancient History with
The goal of this YouTube channel is to provide those with a deep love of history, archaeology, and related disciplines with a series of short videos focusing on the ancient Mediterranean.  In some cases this will include places Pat has been to, surveyed, and/or excavated at; in others, videos may focus on the work of Pat's colleagues or other academics to whom his own work is indebted.

[Pat The Atheist]Pat The Atheist (religion - together we can find a cure)
Pat The Atheist focuses on posting atheist content, exclusively, and posts new episodes of his podcast every week on his YouTube channel.

[Paul Cammish]Paul Cammish
Paul Cammish is an atheist in the United Kingdom who welcomes challenges on his positions (particularly from theists), such as his position that the planet Earth is generaly spherical in shape (not flat).  He's also interested in shooting and air rifles, and aviation -- Paul has been flying on-and-off since one year before the turn of the century (1999).

Paulogia is a former Christian who thoroughly examines the claims of Christians, particularly wherever science is being denied in the name of ancient books.

[Pierce Watkins]Pierce Watkins
pierce Watkins is a Street Epistemologist who produces videos of his efforts to help people think independently through his Street Epistemology efforts.  Pierce's videos also cover other topics concerning atheism, religion, politics, and society in general.

[Phil Buni - The Buni Perspective (from an Intergalactic Space Bunny)]Phil Buni - The Buni Perspective (from an Intergalactic Space Bunny)
Phil Buni, who hosts The Buni Perspective (which is also occasionally referred to as The Bunny Perspective by some of his fans) is an atheist who, using his unique comedic style, produces a variety of enjoyable YouTube videos that cover mostly video games and the debunking of illogical-and-otherwise-defective claims of theists (particularly famous theists).

[Philosophic Plumber]Philosophic Plumber, The
The Philosophic Plumber performe random plumbing work while talking about life, god, and philosophy.  He's also interested in sharing stories from other atheists who've left religion.

[Phoebe J. Rose]Phoebe J. Rose
Phoebe is an LGBT rights advocate, feminist, Formula One and Formula e Enthusiast, Politics nerd, Metal Head (looking for a band that wants a singer) and Trans woman, with a sponge-like brain for all things politics.

[Pikachu the Gay Atheist]Pikachu the Gay Atheist
Pikachu THE GAY ATHEIST, who is from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, as an ex-Catholic who creates videos primarily responding to religion and conservative politics.  He also makes atheist videos, commentary, liberal political, philosophy videos, and responds to popular and random videos worth responding to.

[Pinesnake]Pinesnake (Ian Harrison)
Pinesnake is producing videos about atheism and topics about society.  He's also active on social media where he engages in debunking or challenging ideas that are in need of exposition or critique.

[Plenty O' Material by Bogumil Vatra]Plenty O' Material by Bogumil Vatra
Plenty O' Material is a YouTube video channel featuring a series of cartoons by Bogumil Vatra that focuses on animating various absurd aspects of religion.

A small variety of other videos is also included on this channel that are not cartoons.

[Pocket Locker 86]Pocket Locker 86
Pocket Locker 86, which is hosted by Jay Bundy, produces entertaining videos that cover a wide variety of topics for an ever-growing community comprised mostly of atheists and agnostics who are interested in the presented commentary on social matters, some of which that have religion as their cause.

[Progressive Liberal]Progressive Liberal - Entertainment for Progressives
This channel focuses on U.S. Politics and technical computer-and-internet topics with a Progressive Liberal bias.  If you're a Progressive, a Liberal, a Democrat, or someone who wants to stay up-to-date on the things these people care about, this channel is for you.  The host produces a combination of live shows, pre-recorded content, and heavily edited and scripted videos that are more like short films with a particular focus on educating viewers on the topics that matter most to Progressives.

[Prophet of the Frogs]Prophet of the Frogs
Prophet of the Frogs and her cat co-host videos that cover serious issues, including religion, misplaced faith, and childhood indoctrination, whilst presenting in a light-hearted style that skillfully does not shy away from the fundamentals of the problems being addressed.

[Prophet of Zod]Prophet of Zod
This is the YouTube channel of the famed Prophet of Zod.  Here you find everything from satirical atheist cartoons to a guy with a static head and no discernible facial features.  Prophet of Zod produces YouTube videos that challenge popular ideas while, at the same time, also providing intellectual entertainment.

[Prototype Atheist]Prototype Atheist
This channel features my unique perspective on the topics of religion, atheism, science, and politics, and often deals with the conflict between them.  Prototype Atheist is a former Christian who is well-versed in the arguments often presented by both sides and, as a molecular biologist who is well-educated in scientific methodology and theories, especially concerning evolution, is effective at spotting logical inconsistencies.  As one who espouses an evidence-based worldview, Prototype Atheist embraces philosophies that are logically defensible and consistent with observations, and as a lifelong student he's always seeking to learn something new or be exposed to other unique perspectives.

[Purple Rhymes With Orange]Purple Rhymes With Orange
This eclectic collection of videos produced by a very curious layman who has spent more than half a century absorbing random bits of knowledge in a widely diverse range of topics.  Purple Rhymes With Orange, who does not profess to have expertise in anything in particular, mostly asks questions and presents suppositions for the purpose of considering possibilities concerning why things are the way they are.  Ultimately, she wants all of her viewers to think for themselves, and she's hoping this line of pontification will be helpful in achieving this.

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[Qualia Soup]Qualia Soup
Qualia Soup is a professional video cartoon series that teaches important logic and critical thinking concepts.  This wonderful collection of videos is highly recommended for teenagers and adults of all ages, and is presented in a pleasant style that makes it easy to learn how to apply logic or improve critical thinking skills.

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[Rachel Oates]Rachel Oates
Based in London, England, Rachel Oates produces videos and shares her opinions and stories and random thoughts on science, atheism, social issues, puppies, books and literature, painting and makeup, and many other fun and interesting topics.  Rachel has a formal education in the field of Biomedical Sciences and holds a B.Sc. in Business with a focus on Marketing and Consumer Behaviour.  Her main academic interests include human biology, pscyhology, and nature.

Rachel is also known for her excellent contributions to the Here and How podcast, which focuses mostly on science.

[Ragabash Dabbler]Ragabash Dabbler
Ragabash Dabbler is an Anchorite of Self Love in the Church of Sexual Humanism who produces videos that cover topics like atheism, religion, a little bit of politics, and public safety.

[The Raging Atheist]Raging Atheist, The (NokaSuchi)
The Raging Atheist covers topics of atheism, human rights, freedom, and regularly features other atheists in live video interviews and encourages people to subscribe to their video channels (when they have them) in a wonderful effort to help promote them as members of the international atheism community.

[Randolf Richardson]Randolf Richardson 張文道
Randolf is the atheism activist who runs this web site -- the Atheist Frontier.  He has a passion for countering the misinformation about atheism and opposing public attempts to vilify atheists that are sometimes fraudulently presented-or-distributed as if they are established academic facts that seem to be intended to mislead audiences, and which are most often perpetuated by religious groups that are arbitrarily hostile to atheism and atheists in general.  (You can read more about Randolf at his personal web site:

Most notably, Randolf is also the founding President of the Canadian atheists ( which is a national atheism group with a keen interest in promoting the Charter-protected fundamental rights and freedoms of all atheists in Canada and elsewhere.  He also operates a variety of other atheism web sites, including one that clarifies the definition of the words "atheism" and "atheist" ( that delves into the linguistic structure, etymology, and logic of these words meaning "absence of belief in deities," along with providing helpful dictionary, academic, and philosophical references that demonstrate the common usage of these definitions.

[Rationality Rules]Rationality Rules
Rationality Rules, which is hosted by Stephen Woodford, is a YouTube video series that focuses on debunking and refuting predominately religious and supernatural arguments.  If you're interested in learning more about critical thinking and skepticism, the videos on this channel provide countless insightfully-excellent examples to draw from.

Stephen is also known for his excellent contributions to the Here and How podcast, which focuses mostly on science.

[C0nc0rdance]Real Science (C0nc0rdance)
"Concordance" means "harmony between all the parts," and in scientific use it means "arriving at the same conclusion by multiple methodologies."  The goal of this broadcaster, who uses the pseudonym "C0nc0rdance," is to show, through the use of solid evidence and rational argument, what is junk science and what is real.

[Redd Vencher]Redd Vencher
Redd Vencher has a penchant for exercising critical thinking in examining the philosophical merit of arguments made on a variety of topics, and produces helpful and insightful response videos that lead to developing a better-understanding of the approaches people use to try to convince others to support their positions and ideas.

[Recovering Catholic]Recovering Catholic
Recovering Catholic has plenty of perspective to share on what it has been like for her to leave Catholicism and what the whole process of recovering from that has entailed.  She also has interests in the overall well-being of society and the proliferation of the B.I.T.E. model because it helps people determine whether they're involved in any cults.

[Dr. Richard Carrier]Dr. Richard Carrier
Richard Carrier is a world-renowned author and speaker.  As a professional historian, published philosopher (whose books and articles have received international attention), and prominent defender of the American freethought movement, Dr. Carrier has appeared across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., and on American television and London radio, defending sound historical methods and the ethical worldview of secular naturalism.

With a Ph.D. from Columbia University in ancient history, he specializes in the intellectual history of Greece and Rome, particularly ancient philosophy, religion, and science, with emphasis on the origins of Christianity and the use and progress of science under the Roman empire.  He is also a published expert in the modern philosophy of naturalism as a worldview.

[Rion - Cult Tastic]Rion - Cult Tastic - Tax The Churches
Unwinding her mind from 40 years of religious-cult mentality, Rion invites everyone to join her as she discovers more understanding to the mysteries of the Bible and herself.

[Rose Petal]Rose Petal - Burn The Bridge
Rose Petal is known for comedy with a side of human rights and social commentary.  She also shares her views about her experiences with different religions that she used to participate in, but left it all behind after gaining perspective from a friend who challenged her to prove that the Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU) does not exist.

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[Sandre The Teacher]Sandre The Teacher
Sandre The Teacher, a Chemistry Student with interests in Quantum, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry, who is currently also working part-time as a high school chemistry teacher.  Sandre, who is also a professional otter-whisperer, produces videos focused on debunking pseudo-science and other modern-age nonsense to demonstrate practical applications of critical thinking skills.

[Sarah Michel]Sarah Michel
Sarah Michel, who is well-known for championing for freedom and human rights, aims to provide a critical and authentic view on science, philosophy, skepticism, politics, and the arts.

[Science Side Up]Science Side Up
Science Side Up accurately presents topics regularly in a way that make them accessible to anyone, regardless of their levels of education (or lack thereof) in math and science.  Maddie, the host, is a grad student studying meteorology, and she has a background in math, planetary science, geophysics, and nuclear physics, which results in this YouTube channel being a smorgasbord of topics.

[Scientia Perceptum]Scientia Perceptum
Scientia Perceptum is a professional science teacher who engages in conversations with Creationists/myth-believers on YouTube, Twitter, Stickam, BlogTV, and other internet platforms.  Exposing Creationism as a cult is one of Scientia's common themes of discourse.

[Scientist Mel (Melody)]Scientist Mel
Melody is a highly qualified professional scientist who is passionate about raising scientific awareness and literacy throughout the world, and one of her more famous YouTube video programmes is an audience-directed show called "The Science Of _____" in which viewers tell Melody what they would to learn about next.  Melody holds a B.S. in Biology, a B.S. in Chemistry, an M.A.T. in Secondary Science Education, and an M.S. in Analytical Chemistry, and she is available to travel to speak publicly at events, conferences, and teacher development workshops.

See also:  Scientist Mel's web site

[SecularTv - A Network where Free Speech is taken seriously]SecularTv - A Network where Free Speech is taken seriously
The goal of SecularTv is to help promote unique and interesting content while focusing on a variety of diverse ideas that appeal to various groups in the secular community.  In short, SecularTv's goal is to provide a springboard for producers -- assisting in the production of quality secular shows without dictating or censoring content.

[Shane Bilowitz]Shane Bilowitz
Shane Bilowitz is an atheist, a skeptic, and an empiricist who plays the guitar.  Most of his videos focus on skepticism, atheism, secularism, and anything else he finds interesting or funny.

[Shane the Skeptic]Shane the Skeptic
Shane Isgrig is a skeptic who makes videos that teach critical thinking skills that help people differentiate fact from fiction.

[Shannon Q]Shannon Q
Shannon Q is an online YouTube content creator, active atheist advocate, and communication enthusiast who contributes regularly to a number of YouTube channels, including the Paulogia YouTube Channel, the Heathen Hour Podcast on the Heathen Hour YouTube Channel, and "Let's Talk about you with Shannon Q" on The Great Debate Community.  Most importantly, however, she also creates content on her own YouTube channel that focuses primarily on atheist communication strategy, psychology, and atheist advocacy.

[Sidney Winston]Sidney Winston (Strong Atheist)
Sidney Winston, who is a well-read intellectual, believes that if we were all atheists, we would be better off as a society because all religious violence would immediately cease.  In addition to promoting community, Sideny hosts live YouTube video streams that focus on conversations, discussions, debates, feuds, venom, chuckles, parody, satire, reaction, review, and education.

[Simos Funk]Simos Funk
Formula 1 Racing (F1 car racing) and DayZ are two of Simos Funk's keenest interests, and he covers them very well on his YouTube channel.  Simos is also active in a variety of online atheism communities, where he is well-known for critical thinking and sharing his practical perspectives in some key aspects of the history of certain world-famous religions.

[The Sinister Porpoise]Sinister Porpoise, The
The Sinister Porpoise is a friendly-and-humble intellectual who started her YouTube channel with a particular focus on video games (including video game software development), but gradually broadened this focus to cover LGBT, Asexual, and transgender issues, and politics (occasionally doing Let's Plays).  The Sinister Porpoise host is also an illelist (someone who tends to refer to themselves in the third person).

[The Sinning Skeptics]Sinning Skeptics, The
On this weekly podcast, young Ex-Muslims from around the world speak their minds on contemporary politics of religion, and their experience with Islam.  The existence of this podcast is considered a sin as the aim is to connect young Ex-Muslim perspectives from around the globe.

[Skeptic Infidel]Skeptic Infidel
The Skeptic Infidel has particular interests in math, science, and logic, and produces informative videos that tie into these and other topics, including examinations of social progress and how bad ideas can cause real life harm.

[Skeptic Haven]Skeptic Haven
Secular Haven is a humanist media group centered on YouTube and many other social media outlets.  They produce shows and social media postings promoting science, skepticism, critical thinking, and secular living.

[Skeptic Takeout]Skeptic Takeout
Richard Gilliver, the host of Skeptic Takeout, explores religion, belief, and apologetics through the eyes of skepticism.  Richard also interviews skeptics and atheists, primarily on these topics.

Overcome the age of faith and ignorance by bringing the age of knowledge to the forefront with the help of SkepTorr's YouTube channel, which discusses topics such as politics left and right, feminism and anti feminism, social issues, religion, etc.

SkepTorr is not known to take on labels (except for "atheist") as he thinks to be subscribed to an ideology is limiting the mind.  SkepTorr speaks a lot against the progressive left and feminism, not for the people who identify as such but to challenge the corrupt institutions which operate under these ideologies, and the harm they create.

[Skids the Clown]Skids the Clown
Skids the Clown is in the process of creating animations about a variety of topics, and if you subscribe you can be sure to not miss them as they are published on this YouTube channel.

[Skylar Fiction]Skylar Fiction
The Skylar Fiction Show is known as a YouTube channel where "Christian Apologetics comes to die."  Skepticism is applied to a wide variety of Apologetics themes with an "All Hail Raptor Jesus" and "Under His Claws" finesse.

[SLIM Living Cyborg]SLIM Living Cyborg (S.ynthetic L.iving I.nsanity M.achine)
An atheist time traveler from the year 4020, SLIM the Living Cyborg is stranded in the unfortunate present as a result of his broken time machine.  He has traveled from the beginning to the end of time and back again!  Stuck here in the present, SLIM Cyborg, who is half-man half-machine (with a microchip implanted in his body to help him manage pain), performs sideshow acts using objects and acts he has learned through his adventures throughout time -- he can't tell you what tomorrow brings, because by you just being there may change the future ... forever.

[Snake Was Right]Snake Was Right - knowledge of good and evil ... is good
Snake Was Right, who encourages everyone to question everying (including cherished beliefs), is a cell biologist with a broad range of interests in history, science, politics, pop-culture, and religion, with an emphasis on biology and proper research.  This channel gets its name from the Serpent of the Biblical Creation myth, which is a story that inadvertently exposes that the idea of "god" keeps its readers in the dark, and only through rebellion to god can a person gain the knowledge that's forbidden to be taken -- if the Biblical Snake revealed the truth, but God tried to keep it from Adam & Eve, who's the real Devil?

[So Basically411]So Basically411
Jacob, who is the host of So Basically411, focuses on applying skepticism to conspiracy theories and the New Age movement.

[Southern Hemisphere Globe Head]Southern Hemisphere Globe Head
Southern Hemisphere Globe Head produces videos that prove, overwhelmingly, that the Earth is an Oblate Spheroid, and she's "hellbent on showing it as often as she can" despite the ridiculous claims of Flat Earthers.  Also, she sometimes poses interesting questions to Flat Earthers, such as "Which direction (left or right) does the Sun set for you?"

[Stairway to Reason]Stairway to Reason
"Stairway to Reason" is sharing a journey out of Christianity and into reality and reason...  Many of his videos, which are presented in a calm and gentle demeanor that's delightful to listen to, provide deep and thoughful insight into common Christian attitudes and perspectives alongside intelligent critiques and logical rebuttals.

[Steven Baumann]Steven Baumann
Most of the videos produced by Steven, who is a licensed professional geologist who holds a degree in geology, focus primarily on the "rocky" field of geology.  Since geology is not his only passion, some other topics are covered as well, including observational science, mathematics and physics, cats, Star Trek, etc.

[Steve Shives]Steve Shives
Steve Shives is an atheist who provides commentary on atheism and related topics while applying skepticism primarily to theist claims.  He is particularly well known for his "an atheist reads..." series of videos (which can be viewed directly at

[Student Doctor Ben]Student Doctor Ben (SDB) - Stay Curious
Student Doctor Ben and is a transgender medical student offering up information about science as it relates to gender and sex.  Ben's YouTube channel covers the subjects of embryology, endocrinology, genetics, and pharmacology to provide a foundation of knowledge with which to approach discussions related to the transgender community.

[Sunny Shell]Sunny Shell
Sunny Shell is an atheist, writer, yam crafts aficionado, progressive activist, and science enthusiast with a keen interest in democratic socialism.

[Suris the Skeptic]Suris the Skeptic
Suris the Skeptic, who carries a very large Hammer of Skepticism that is rumoured to rival Thor's famous hammer, tackles issues of religion, morality, philosophy, and occasionally science.  Suris hopes that his arguments are sound, and leaves it up to most of his audience to decide.

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[Talk Heathen]Talk Heathen (Austin, Texas, USA)
Talk Heathen is a weekly live call-in television show in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. that is geared toward long-form and on-going dialogue with theists & atheists about religion, theism, and secularism.  (Talk Heathen is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin.)

See also:  Talk Heathen web site

[Tatted Philosophy - The Tattooed Atheist]Tatted Philosophy (The Tattooed Atheist)
Tatted Philosophy, who is also well-known as The Tattooed Atheist, is an atheist YouTube content producer who covers a variety of philosophical topics, atheism/religion, and electricity.  Also, he's a qualified Electical Engineer who has an awesome beard.

[Telltale atheist]Telltale atheist
Owen Morgan, the host of the Telltale atheist YouTube channel, examines cults and oppressive religions, covers best practices from the psychology community, logical fallacies, and Street Epistemology with one of his interests being in exploring how to deprogramme religious extremists.

[The Amazing Atheist]The Amazing Atheist
The Amazing Atheist is a professional ranter who yells loudly in empty rooms (often with swearing), and publishes videos of it on the internet.  Occasionally he reads a book or watches a movie, but mostly he just yells about things for your amusement and/or disgust.

[The Atheist Network Group]The Atheist Network Group (TANG)
TANG, or The Atheist Network Group (formerly The Atheist Round Table {TART}), which consists of a group of skeptics who met online, aims to delve into discussions about where one comes from, their pathway to/from religion or worldview, and what they feel holds them to their beliefs:  How is it that they believe and we don't?  What separates us from that belief?  Their aims include having friendly yet challenging discussions with people who believe in the supernatural.

[The Atheist Voice]The Atheist Voice
The Atheist Voice provides a virtual discussion platform for atheist leaders, authors, bloggers, activists, and everybody else who is passionate about atheism, and secularism.  Everyone is encouraged to join the discussion by commenting under the videos or submitting video responses.  The channel operators are also open to collaborative interests, and welcome other atheists to appear in their videos.

[The Thinking Atheist]The Thinking Atheist
The Thinking Atheist is an online YouTube video series of professionally produced videos that employ satire, psychological and scientific research, and common sense.  (There is a particular emphasis on the exploration of common-sense questions about the origins of deities.)

[The Trustee Ape Podcast]The Trustee Ape Podcast
Kevin is a musician, skeptic, atheist, and naturalist from Northern California, USA.  The purpose of this podcast is to interview a variety of interesting humans, find out what they do, talk about what they believe and why they believe it, and converse about philosophy, epistemology, and current events.

[Thunderf00t]Thunderf00t - Science and Education for the win!
These videos are about the true beauty of a self-inquiring sentient universe that is lost on those who elect to walk the intellectually vacuous path of comfortable paranoid fantasies.

Phil Mason, the author of these videos and advocate of skepticism, is particularly famous for his various science demonstrations and his "Why Do People Laugh At Creationists?" video series, his exchanges with other YouTube video bloggers, and public interviews with various theists (most notably Ray Comfort).

[Titan Uranus]Titan Uranus
Tital Uranus is a a nearly-ubiquitous moderator in various atheism communities, YouTube channels, etc., who generously contributes countless hours to help atheist content creators and community organizers keep the conversations from getting too out of hand.  If you run a YouTube channel, Discord, or some other online community, he's an important moderator to have on your team.

TJump is an atheist named Tom who regularly debates expert theologians in an effort to promote reason/atheism.  His intention is to thoroughly debunk religious claims and arguments that favour the existence of a god at all levels from casual apologetics to that of professional philosophers and cosmologists.  Tom has also written a book on the epistemology (theory of knowledge) and model of objective morality which he hopes will be of interest to one of the large publishing companies in the near future.

[Tom Fearnley (Attica Films)]Tom Fearnley (Attica Films)
Tom Fearnly, noble defender of atheism and acute challenger of religion and its ideals, is also the producer of Attica Films, under which he creates inquisitive, informative, and thought-provoking videos for the benefit of atheists and doubting theists alike.

[Tom Leeds]Tom Leeds - your friendly neighbourhood atheist
Tom Leeds produces a wonderful series of short philosophical videos about atheism wherein he asks questions like "Being an atheist is easy, so why isn't it more common?" and "Holding onto your belief when there is no actual reason to believe seem hard, so why do so many do it?"  His philosophy is simple and unimposing, and he codifies it as follows:  "I don't want to change anyones mind; I want to give them a reason to change their own mind."

[Tom Rabbittt]Tom Rabbittt
Tom Rabbittt specializes in covering the antics of a pre-suppositional Christian apologist who goes by the name "Darth Dawkins" (who's well-known for noting that "Tom Rabbittt likes to record things!").

[Tony Reed]Tony Reed (how Creationism taught me Real Science)
Tony Reed, who is known for his knacks for research, music, and comedy, produces YouTube videos about these and other interesting topics, including, in particular, the debunking of Creationism.

[Too Late For the Gods by Jeffrey Williams]Too Late For the Gods
Too Late For the Gods is hosted by Jeffrey Williams, who provides an insightful focus on philosophy from a somewhat Heideggerian perspective, liberalism, and atheism.  He also invites discussion on any of his videos or topics discussed.

See also:  Jeffrey Williams' web site (and blog)

[Topdawg Shadic - Science & Rationality]Topdawg Shadic - Science & Rationality
With his fantastic use of fully-animated 3D avatars, Topdawg Shadic promotes science and rationality in a friendly, entertaining, and encouraging manner.  He also runs a web site (linked below) where people can find helpful information on a wide variety of science topics, which people can converse on in a well-organized web-based forum (a.k.a., message boards).

See also:  Topdawg Shadic's Ultimate Site of Science & Rationality

[Topic Thunder]Topic Thunder (PhilosopHER)
Topic Thunder's videos are intellectually focused on Philosophy, Mental Health, Humanism, and a reasonable variety of other topics, including interesting perspectives concerning assessments of the Greek goddesses and gods.  Right or wrong, she mostly wants to be a meaningful participant in conversations on these kinds of topics.

[Touñn G]Touñn G
Touñn G is an atheist in Mexico who focuses on lies, deceptions, and pseudoscience.

[The Trans Atheist]Trans Atheist, The
Alexis, a transgender woman in the deep south of the United States of America who produces and hosts The Trans Atheist YouTube channel, tends to gravitate toward nature and relaxation, and art (with a particular interest in speed drawing).  She also narrates Creepypasta, NoSleep, and even some true horror stories.  Alexis also has a love for the Macabre, and enjoys making people smile.

[Truth Wanted]Truth Wanted
Truth Wanted is a show about getting to the bottom of beliefs, whether it's karma or Christ, Bigfoot or crystals, Truth Wanted would like to know how you know it's true.  Hosted by ObjectivelyDan, Truth Wanted takes calls from the community (that means you!) and features new guests every week, emphasizing thorough conversations over name-calling and scoffing (most of the time).  Truth Wanted focuses on how and why people believe what they believe, and how you can talk about beliefs in more effective ways.

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[Unapologetically ME]Unapologetically ME
This show is hosted by an unapologetic ex-Christian ex-Muslim agnostic atheist who tells all, with a primary focus on religion.  Her discussions embark on interactions with religion, how it impacts various aspects of our lives, and she even delves into counter-apologetics.

[Unholy Sara]Unholy Sara
In her atheistic YouTube videos, Unholy Sara explains why religion is not harmless.  Overall, her channel is intended to be a resource for people to get some moral, unholy, and atheistic views on a variety of relevant topics.

[Unicorn & Toast]Unicorn & Toast - Yeast be with you!
Unicorn & Toast is a community-donation-fueled video series based on two interspecies homosexual deities who fell in love making the universe.  Peachy, the main character, is the Earthling friend of the gods who is a logical and very stubborn girl (the videos often showcase a key attribute of her character wherein nothing really gets to her no matter what life throws her).

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[Vagrant Sam]Vagrant Sam (evangelical ex-vangelical)
Vagrant Sam, who is a former Pentecostal believer, produces weekly atheist and secular-positive content.

[Veiled Rose]Veiled Rose
Freedom for women vs. Islam is what this YouTube channel focuses on:  "Mish Normalz Dissent; Unveil Religus Dogmas; Fight Fascisms; and Rise Up for Rojava"

[Veritas Voices]Veritas Voices (veritas vincit)
Veritas Voices is a video podcast hosted by an ex-deist named Rene (a.k.a., Renevelation) and an ex-extremist named Lilith who often focus the topics around the loss of faith and the path to reason.

[Vi Rose La Bianca]Vi Rose La Bianca - Say La Vi
Vi La Bianca is a non-binary atheist activist with degrees in journalism and publishing and a passion for education and academia.  Vi is a co-founder and host of Skeptic Generation, a weekly call-in live show every Sunday at 11:30am Central Time.  Vi also hosts Say La Vi, a weekly livestream and chat hangout on Thursdays at 5pm Central Time.

See also:  Vi Rose La Bianca's web site

[Viced Rhino]Viced Rhino
Viced Rhino is a Canadian who specializes in creating response videos to pseudo-scientific nonsense that he encounters on YouTube, and with the goal of "Winning the Internet!"

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[Wildheart V]Wildheart V (Wildheart's Wildness)
Wildheart V is exploring mostly topics of philosophy by bringing guests onto his long live streams.

[WildwoodClaire1 (Coffee with Claire)]WildwoodClaire1 (Coffee with Claire)
Coffee with Claire is a weekly YouTube video show, which is usually uploaded on Sundays.  It consists of a series of short subjects of interest, including science education, Creationism, human rights, and politics.  Regular features like "Mixed Nuts" (which is a commentary on the most idiotic and/or insane comments by politicians), "Creationist Greatest Hits," "Geology Minute," "Claire's 'Shout-out of the Week,'" and "Claire's 'Dim Bulb of the Week.'"

[Wonder Lady]Wonder Lady
Wonder Lady, who operates from the middle of nowhere (according to her online Twitter profile), is mostly interested in what other people think about a wide variety of topics, and interviews people on YouTube to find out.  She's also passionate about creative writing, and is a friendly and enjoyable conversationalist.

[The Wonderful Truth]Wonderful Truth, The
The Wonderful Truth is an opposition to the unfactual, illogical, and immoral religious ideologies that occupies the minds of the majority of our planet's population.  The content of this YouTube channel mainly consists of compilations of the best arguments against religion, from well known scientists, authors, and debaters.

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[xxxild]xxxild (Causa Latet Vis Est Notissima)
Some of xxxild's interests include the atheism demographic, pushing back against harassment (in its various forms), and bringing people together to work as a team toward debunking videos that present incorrect information and/or harmful ideas.

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[Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist]Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist (YFNA)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist, which is hosted by Ethan F. Micheal, is an intellectually-focused program that covers a variety of subjects, including critical thinking, logic, philosophy, theology, atheism, and so much more.

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[Z The Netrunner]Z The Netrunner
Z The Netrunner critiques claims, assertions, and debating tactics that cover a variety of science topics, which sometimes leads to identifying and debunking erroneous information and logical errors.

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