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This is a list of radio stations that promote critical thinking and are tailored to the interests that are inclined to atheism, often with a focus on science, skepticism, freedom, and rational thinking.  If you know of a web site that should be included in this list, please share it with us.

[The Atheist Experience]Atheist Experience, The (Austin, Texas, USA)
The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas, USA, geared at a non-atheist audience.  Every week the hosts, along with their guests, field live telephone calls from atheists and believers alike which makes the show ever more interesting.

See also:  The Atheist Experience YouTube channel

[The Bitchspot Report Podcast]Bitchspot Report Podcast, The - Exposing Stupidity Wherever It Hides
With its signature no-holds-barred skeptical "atheist from a distinctly conservative perspective" presentation style, The Bitchspot Report Podcast seeks to entertain, engage, and perhaps even enrage it's audience by pointing out and examining the errors and irrationalities of religion, politics, and society.

[Cognitive Dissonance]Cognitive Dissonance (an atheistic and skeptical news podcast)
In every episode the hosts blast anyone who gets in their way by bringing critical thinking, skepticism, and irreverence to any topic that makes the news, makes it big, or makes them mad.  It's skeptical, it's political, and there is no welcome mat.

[Foundation for Critical Thinking]Foundation for Critical Thinking
Videos and discourse focused on critical thinking for teachers and educators in all grade levels and in all societies.  This channel contains video footage, interviews and clips from the Foundation for Critical Thinking on topics ranging from Critical Thinking and Educational Reform, Ethical Reasoning, Socratic Questioning, Oxford Tutorial Method, Analysis and Assessment of Thinking, etc., to their applications across and within all professional fields and domains of thought.

[Radio Freethinker]Radio Freethinker (hosted at UBC)
Radio Freethinker is a radio show/podcast that promotes skepticism, critical thinking, and secular issues.  It is hosted at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and is broadcast by a number of radio stations throughout Canada.

[The Young Turks]The Young Turks (TYT)
The Young Turks as a show began when Cenk Uygur started a talk show in the mould of a public-access television cable TV show he previously hosted called The Young Turk.  With the help of friend Ben Mankiewicz, with whom he had previously worked, his childhood friend Dave Koller, and Jill Pike, they began The Young Turks.  The show's name is derived from the English-language phrase "Young Turk," which means "a reformist or rebellious member of an institution, movement, or political party."



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