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This is a list of radio stations, call-in programmes, and other high-profile professional shows that promote critical thinking and are tailored to the interests that are inclined to atheism, often with a focus on science, skepticism, freedom, and rational thinking.  If you know of a web site that should be included in this list, please share it with us.

[The Atheist Experience]Atheist Experience, The (Austin, Texas, USA)
The Atheist Experience is a weekly live cable access television show in Austin, Texas, USA, geared at a non-atheist audience.  Every week the hosts, along with their guests, field live telephone calls from atheists and believers alike which makes the show ever more interesting.

See also:  The Atheist Experience YouTube channel

[Atheist News]Atheist News
This is a regular newscast that focuses primarily on atheism throughout the world along with directly-related topics that are important to many atheists.

[The Atheist Round Table]Atheist Round Table, The (TART)
The Atheist Round Table (TART) consists of a group of skeptics who met online.  Oz (former Christian) & Pasta Mike (lifelong atheist) first met in 2019, which led to collaborating with Just Jeff, Jesus Mike, and MurderShed Steve soon after.  They consider themselves "agnostic atheists" because they do not hold a belief in the existence of any deity, and because they claim that the existence of a deity is either unknowable in principle or currently unknown in fact.

TART aims to delve into discussions about where one comes from, their pathway to religion or worldview, and what they feel holds them to their beliefs:  How is it that they believe and we don't?  What separates us from that belief?  Their aims include having friendly yet challenging discussions with people who believe in the supernatural.

[The Bin Podcast]Bin Podcast, The
The Bin Podcast, which is hosted by Mikey Famine, is a weekly show that covers a wide range of local issues from all around the globe.

[The Burning Eden Podcast With Baph and Mel]The Burning Eden Podcast With Baph and Mel
The Burning Eden Podcast With Baph and Mel engages in dialogue and commentary about religion and how it can control all aspects of a person's life.  (Note: the material presented may contain religious satire, topics of abuse, trauma, and sexually explicit humour.)

[Cognitive Dissonance]Cognitive Dissonance (an atheistic and skeptical news podcast)
In every episode the hosts blast anyone who gets in their way by bringing critical thinking, skepticism, and irreverence to any topic that makes the news, makes it big, or makes them mad.  It's skeptical, it's political, and there is no welcome mat.

[Dragons in Genesis]Dragons in Genesis (a secular Bible study podcast)
Dragons in Genesis is a secular bible study podcast that focuses on comparative mythology.

See also (official web site):

[Dysevidentia Podcast]Dysevidentia Podcast
Dysevidentia is an inability to process or integrate evidence, which leads some people to believe ridiculous things like flat earth conspiracies or the curing power of essential oils.  Sqeaky and Mako discuss this, how to avoid it, when it "hit the news," how it affects our lives, and how to utilize evidence.

See also (official web site):

[Foundation for Critical Thinking]Foundation for Critical Thinking
Videos and discourse focused on critical thinking for teachers and educators in all grade levels and in all societies.  This channel contains video footage, interviews and clips from the Foundation for Critical Thinking on topics ranging from Critical Thinking and Educational Reform, Ethical Reasoning, Socratic Questioning, Oxford Tutorial Method, Analysis and Assessment of Thinking, etc., to their applications across and within all professional fields and domains of thought.

[The Free Thought Prophet]Free Thought Prophet, The - "Freedom of Thought can not be taken away, it can only be given away"
Free thinking humour and enlightenment is their main goal in hosting a weekly Atheist podcast.  The Free Thought Prophet is a group of secular freethinkers who love to talk, debate, enlighten, and laugh.  They're also known for enjoying science fiction, challenging conspiracy theories, examining politics, covering Atheist issues, exploring the purity of pints of Guinness and single malt whiskey, and engaging in low brow humour.

[Golden Voice of Chicago]Golden Voice of Chicago
Pat Voss, the host of the Golden Knowldege Podcast (a.k.a., the Golden Voice of Chicago podcast, in the USA), interviews individuals from many different backgrounds in order to give his subscribers a deeper look into topics that they may not have thought of before.

[The Here and How Podcast]Here and How Podcast, The
The three hosts of this weekly Podcast, Stephen Woodford (a.k.a., Rationality Rules), Rachel Oates, and Thomas Westbrook (a.k.a., Holy Koolaid) got started as YouTube video creators promoting curiosity, rationality, and critical thinking while fighting against oppressive dogma.  The Here and How Podcast is their way of sharing big ideas that they discover with their fans, encouraging them to dive in, drink deep, and then "go out and create a freaking amazing future."

A final thought from the Podcast's overview:  The universe is too cool not to learn about.  By discovering how we got here, we can figure out where we want to go, and then make that journey happen!

[In Time]In Time - News, Politics, and Culture
The host of In Time, Nicholas Lamar Soutter, offers his unique perspectives on news, politics, and culture.  As a regular part of this show, Nicholas features expert guests, engages in debates, shares presentations, and covers live breaking news.

[LEAH Podcast]LEAH Podcast (League of Extraordinary Atheists for Humanism)
This Podcast, which is hosted by Christy Santiago and Grey Skeptic, is primarily targetd to atheists and agnostics who want to claim a Humanist moral stand point.  The hosts, who regularly apply logic and reason to politics and religion, are also keen on building a self-supporting community that strives to help others without any religious stigma or stipulation.

[Left at the Valley]Left at the Valley - Humanist voices on Fraser Valley issues
These Podcasters are regular Fraser Valley (British Columbia, Canada) residents who have a desire to offer news, profiles, and opinions that are outside the (corporate owned) mainstream media.  They like to showcase other (awesome and not well-enough renowned) people who are making things better in their little slice of the world with their inovative ideas and actions.  They also hope to attract intelligent and insightful listeners along the way who also like to hear different (bolder, more original, more relevant) news and events on the radio waves.

See also (official web site):

[Modern-Day Debate]Modern-Day Debate (MDD) - A non-partisan debate platform
James moderates interactive, live-streamed debates primarily on religion, atheism, philosophy, culture, and politics every week, and he is well-known for his professional and impartial style.  The two main goals are to build relationships and share new ideas.

[Radio Freethinker]Radio Freethinker (hosted at UBC)
Radio Freethinker is a radio show/podcast that promotes skepticism and critical thinking, and discusses secular issues (including in the political sphere), atheism, and regularly debunks a wide variety of ideas that have been presented in other mediums as factual or at least credible in some way.  It is hosted at the University of British Columbia (UBC) on a Canadian radio station called CiTR 101.9 FM (, and is broadcast by a number of radio stations throughout Canada.  This radio programme is also available on a variety of other platforms, including iTunes and Google Reader, to name a few.

[Secular Sexuality]Secular Sexuality (Austin, Texas, USA)
Secular Sexuality is a weekly call-in show live from Austin, Texas, USA that runs every Thursday at 19:00 (7:00 pm) Central Time.  The hosts talk with callers about sex from a secular perspective, and promote the view that sex and sexuality are natural to all living creatures, which contrasts with religions that incorrectly twist these important subjects into something awful and shameful.

Acceptance, education, and fun is what Secular Sexuality strives for as the hosts also lay the intersection of sex and religion (and occasionally themselves) bare, openly, and honestly.  A wide range of topics are discussed each week, with a particular aim of removing the shame and reclaiming what has always been natural to everyone.

[Skeptical Generation]Skeptical Generation (SG)
A weekly live call-in show for an expanding community of diverse and compassionate atheists hosted by Eric Murphy and Vi La Bianca, who question everything.

See also (official web site):

[Skeptic in the Pews]Skeptic In The Pews Podcast
Skeptic in the Pews, is a podcast that takes a more in-depth look at various religions, and the rituals and practices that sustain them.  The hosts attend different religious ceremonies, congregations, testimonials, speeches, and more to give listeners a "behind the scenes" look at what different religious institutions teach and promote, and how those things may differ from one another.

While visiting different denominations every other Sunday is intended to understand and learn certain key points from their teachings, this podcast isn't about teaching "The Word of God," but rather it's about questioning what is being taught and analyzing the specific and overall messages, whether good or bad.

[Star Trek Sundays]Star Trek Sundays - going where no podcast has gone before
Star Trek Sundays is a podcast through which co-hosts Victoria and T, and their guest crew, examine the philosophical themes presented in Star Trek television serieses, animated cartoons, and motion-picture movies.  Star Trek was originally created by American screenwriter and producer Gene Roddenberry (Eugene Wesley Roddenberry Sr.), and, since his passing, this famous science-fiction "enterprise" continues to present philosophical concepts in new and interesting ways to present-day audiences.

See also:  Star Trek Sundays' YouTube channel

[Talk Heathen]Talk Heathen (Austin, Texas, USA)
Talk Heathen is a weekly live call-in television show in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. that is geared toward long-form and on-going dialogue with theists & atheists about religion, theism, and secularism.  (Talk Heathen is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin.)

See also:  Talk Heathen YouTube channel

[The Tall Friendly Atheist Dad Podcast]The Tall Friendly Atheist Dad Podcast
The Tall Friendly Atheist Dad Podcast regularly hosts live streams on YouTube (and a number of other interactive web sites that support live streaming) that cover readings of books pertaining to atheism or philosophy in some way, or are critical of atheism.

[The Young Turks]The Young Turks (TYT)
The Young Turks as a show began when Cenk Uygur started a talk show in the mould of a public-access television cable TV show he previously hosted called The Young Turk.  With the help of friend Ben Mankiewicz, with whom he had previously worked, his childhood friend Dave Koller, and Jill Pike, they began The Young Turks.  The show's name is derived from the English-language phrase "Young Turk," which means "a reformist or rebellious member of an institution, movement, or political party."

[True North Talk (TNT)]True North Talk (Beautiful British Columbia, Canada)
True North Talk (TNT) is Canada's live YouTube atheism call-in programme that focuses primarily on atheism, religion, and deities (goddesses and gods).  The hosts are also willing to explore other related topics such as freedom, critical thinking, philosophy, ethics/morals, social standards, human rights (international and domestic), etc.

[It's time to get Unbound]Unbound
Unbound, which is a podcast for new atheists, lifetime atheists, ex-evangelicals, truth-seekers, and free thinkers, takes a unique approach to examining the social impacts of evangelical religion, and provides advice and encouragement for those coming out of evangelical faith.  Their general philosophy, which certainly is encouraging, is that it's time to start taking your life back, which also promotes the positive attitude that it's time to get ... Unbound.



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