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These internet sites are for churches of atheism.  If you know of a web site that should be included in this list, please share it with us.

[Atheist Church]Atheist Church of Canada - "Life is Logical"
The Atheist Church of Canada advocates for freedom, critical thinking, and impartiality.  They use a three-pronged metaphor built around the "transistor" which also represents the importance for logic and science in progress as it was the major turning point for solid state technology that started the trend of making technology smaller.  The flame was added to the schematic symbol of the transistor to represent the "act of progress."

[Church of Atheism Eau Claire]Church of Atheism Eau Claire - weddings, discussions, community
The Church of Atheism Eau Claire is primarily an internet-based forum that has an interest in weddings, general discussion, and localized community-oriented topics throughout the world.

[The Church of Prismatic Light]Church of Prismatic Light, The - LGBTQIA+ focused religion that values the true self
The Church of Prismatic Light is the first church in the Prismatic faith which is an LGBTQIA+ focused religion in the United States of America that values the true self (followers of Prismatism are called Prismatists).

[The First Atheist Church of True Science]First Atheist Church of True Science (FACTS), The
FACTS is a religious organization in Sacramento, California, USA that finds the evidence of any supernatural being to be woefully inadequate, thus they deny the existence of any God, and feel that those who have reached the contrary conclusion are deeply misguided.  They find that adhering to a religious philosophy based on truth and real evidence is exhilarating, and opens avenues for understanding, cooperation, inquiry, and love that are often blocked by religions views based on artificial and false claims.  Their faith is in truth, data, reason, and the inherent good of mankind.

[First Church of Atheism]First Church of Atheism
The First Church of Atheism is formed around the belief that the mysteries of life can be explained through science and reason.  This church aims to provide a place for atheists to become ordained, for free, as well as a hub for atheists to find ministers to perform their ceremonies.  This is their doctrine:

"Nothing exists besides natural phenomena.  Thought is merely a function of that natural phenomena.  Death is complete, and irreversible.  We have faith solely in humankind, nature, and the facts of science."

[Houston Oasis Athiest Church]Houston Oasis
The values espoused by the Houston Oasis Atheist Church, which is located in Texas, USA, are as follows:
  • People are more important than beliefs
  • Only human hands can solve human problems
  • Reality is known through reason, not revelation
  • Meaning comes from making a difference
  • Labels are unimportant
  • Everyone should be accepted wherever they are as long as they are accepting in turn

[Kansas City Oasis]Kansas City Oasis
Oasis is a place for the non-religious to come together to celebrate the human experience.  The Kansas City Oasis understands that vibrant, tightly knit communities are central to human happiness and well-being, and that's why they aim to provide a place for like-minded individuals and families to connect, be inspired, and feel empowered.

Every Sunday morning in Kansas, the Oasis gets together to discuss real-world principles supported by evidence and free thought, not scripture or revelation.  Furthermore, they provide a place where your children can explore their developing world views, ask questions, and make friends in an environment that's supportive of critical thinking.

[The Sunday Assembly]Sunday Assembly, The - Live better, help often, wonder more
The Sunday Assembly, which started in London, England, is a godless congregation that meets to hear great talks, sing songs, and generally celebrate the wonder of life.  It's a service for anyone who wants to live better, help often, and wonder more.

[United Church of Bacon]United Church of Bacon - The real, legal church with a funny name but a serious mission
Praise Bacon:  Are you tired of religious people being seen as morally superior to atheists?  Of religions getting special privileges in the law, because they
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