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These internet sites are blogs that are related to atheism.  If you know of a web site that should be included in this list, please share it with us or add it to the "atheist Blog Roll" at:

[Aron Ra]Aron Ra
Aron Ra is one of the "YouTube atheists" and an advocate for rationalism in science classrooms.  He grew up in an exclusively creationist environment where he felt like a lonely outcast just for understanding evolution, let alone accepting it.  Being raised in a mostly-Mormon family encouraged him to explore other denominations and eventually non-Abrahamic spiritualism before rejecting faith-based beliefs altogether.  He was drawn into activism when the Religious Right dominated his state's Board of Education, and began undermining education in history, health, science, and social studies.

Aron's videos often focus on evolution and the evidence indicating an interrelated tree of life.  His series summarizing the "Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism" and his subsequent series, "Falsifying Phylogeny" (including the "Phylogeny Challenge") have been mirrored, featured, referenced, and recommended by many professional scientists, secularists, and educators, and has attracted more than 60,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

[Atheism Answers (Brandon Marlett)]Atheism Answers - answers for your questions about atheists from a real atheist
Brandon Marlett is an erudite blogger who writes philosophically and pragmatically about atheism and related topics.  Some of his other writing has also ventured into supplimentary topics of interest, such as evolutionary science and religious apologetics.

[Fractal Heretic - Mandelbrot logo]Fractal Heretic
Fractal Heretic was a devout Creationist who became an atheist in or around the year 2011, and started blogging about it soon after.  This blog provides a reasonable perspective regarding the differences between Christianity and atheism which helps to lessen the gap of understanding.

[The Friendly Atheist]Friendly Atheist, The
The Friendly Atheist blog is operated by Mr. Hemant Mehta, a graduate from the University of Illinois (Chicago, USA) with degrees in Mathematics and Biology.  He also helped establish the first secular student group, Students WithOut Religious Dogma (SWORD), while attending the University before earning his Masters in Math Education at DePaul University and currently teaches high school math in the suburbs of Chicago as he also continues to be active in atheism organizations.

[Good After God - Leaving Religion and Finding Your Purpose]Good After God - Leaving Religion and Finding Your Purpose
This is a blog about "leaving religion and finding your purpose" by Christy, who grew up in a progressive Christian household where everyone believed evolution, accepted and supported the LGBT+ community, and accepted women pastors.  To Christy and her family, Christianity was all about loving and supporting everyone, they mostly avoided the topic of religion altogether, except for praying at dinner time and going to church.

[Martin S. Pribble - Attempting to make sense]Martin S. Pribble - Attempting to make sense
In his attempts to make sense of the world, Martin's informative and insightful perspectives are presented in a serious yet interesting style as blog entries that are also often highly recommended as being among the best intellectual atheism blog entries on the internet.

[Meghan Lewis]Meghan Lewis
Meghan Lewis is an atheist who is a professional designer and artist with many years of graphic design, web design, and agency experience.  She is also highly skilled in composition, development, and implementation of creative work into dynamic and interesting designs for print and web.  Meghan loves creating beautiful art and has a passion for simplicity in the designs she creates.

[Michael Nugent]Michael Nugent - atheism, reason, skepticism, happiness
Michael Nugent is a writer from Dublin, Ireland, and chair of the advocacy group Atheist Ireland.  This blog is mainly about two issues that Michael is very passionate about:  promoting atheism, and promoting secularism, because he believes that the idea of gods is bad for society; and understanding why and how people are happy, because happiness is the underlying reason that anybody wants anything.

One interesting project that Michael has been working on is to develop elementary school curriculum about atheism.

[Myles Power]Myles Power
Myles Power is a practical skeptic who conducts logical experiments and investigates credible sources of information to debunk various claims, including 9/11 conspiraries and homeopathy to name a few.  Myles' educational background is in chemistry, with a specilization in organic chemistry, which has helped him develop his skills needed to research and debunk virus pseudoscience theories in particular.

[Nigerian Anarchist]Nigerian Anarchist - Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.
The Nigerian Anarchist writes about social issues in Nigeria, particularly those problematic ones that are cause or inspired by religious buffoonery.

[The Platonic Realm]Platonic Realm, The - Physics, Philosophy, Mathematics, God, and the Universe
Over at The Platonic Realm you can find a well-organized collection of articles covering everything from theoretical physics to philosophy and atheism.

[The Rational Razor]Rational Razor, The - atheism, philosophy, rational thought
The purpose of this blog, The Rational Razor, is to raise awareness and further the cause of atheist philosophy, secular politics, and rational thought in general.  The author's intention is to question the privileging of religion in secular society, to examine the justification of beliefs, and to highlight the deleterious effects of unjustified beliefs.

[Roedy Green - Canadian Mind Products]Roedy Green (Canadian Mind Products)
Roedy Green is one of those people who has a knack for cutting through the nonsense and exposing any real problems and motives at play.  Although categorizing his web site under "blogs" doesn't do it justice (because he provides so much useful information about a wide range of topics, including Java software development, and also a programming language called "Abundance" which he created in 1980s), we find that the perspectives he shared from the "religion" section of his web site fit best here.

[The SkepticEdge]SkepticEdge, The | The skeptic left keeping the world safe from the right
The SkepticEdge is a blog by Don McLenaghen who is also the host of Radio FreeThinker that focuses on skepticism and which airs weekly on an FM radio station in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on the campus of the world-class University of British Columbia (UBC).  The blog features many articles that apply skepticism to world events, social issues, freedom, and politics, often with the aim of exposing the efforts of the attempts of the religious right to interfere with public policy.

[...starts with a BANG!]Starts with a BANG!
Ethan Siegel, a Theoretical Astrophysicist, Science Writer and Communicator, expert in (some aspects of) dark matter and dark energy, physical cosmology, and sometimes professor, teacher and educator.

Ethan's philosophy:  "When we ask the question of where the Universe comes from, physicists and philosophers are often asking two different questions.  I can give you the answers from a physics viewpoint, at least as far as they are understood.  But although our answers are finite, our curiosity isn't, necessarily.  Just because we don't have the answers doesn't mean there aren't questions worth asking or thinking about."

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