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The Atheist Frontier provides information about atheism, and encourages the skeptical examination and discussion of science and technology, critical thinking, philosophy, life, history, cross-cultural ethics and morals, social-economic and political systems, and much more.  (Follow this link to learn more about the technology we use to run this web site.)


What is atheism?

Atheism is the absence of belief in deities and supernatural agents.  Atheists are included among a rich diversity of cultural backgrounds and personalities, many of whom actively contribute, in varying degrees, to all major communities throughout the world (our Video Broadcasting Resources provides an extensive list of such contributors, complete with hypertext links).

Clearly understanding the difference between fact and fantasy, by questioning what's real, is one of the hallmarks of skepticism, which has become valued by many atheists as an essential quality characteristic of human nature that is integral to the survival of our species.


Why atheism?

Justification isn't necessary to be an atheist, although for those who make a conscious choice to be atheists one of the most common reasons is the absence of L.O.V.E. (Logical, Objective, Verifiable Evidence) that supports the beliefs promoted by various theological alternatives.

So far no verifiable evidence that we're aware of has been presented that proves the existence of any deity or supernatural agent; on the other hand, theories such as Charles Darwin's famous "Evolution of the Species" have been gaining more credibility due to reasonably steady scientific progress (DNA analysis and stem cell research are two notable areas of research that have contributed greatly to this progress), peer-reviewed validation of findings, etc.  Although this doesn't disprove any claim about a deity's existence, it also doesn't add any credence to such claims, many of which seem to be all-encompassing and often in direct conflict with logic, impartiality, and scientific methodology.


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