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Memorandums - Natural Immunity to the Power of Prayer

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To:All atheists
Cc:Adherents and officiants of prayer and its alleged power
From:The Atheist Frontier @
Date:February 12, 2017 CE
Re.:Natural Immunity to the Power of Prayer


It has come to our attention that many theists have been praying for atheists. (While some are praying with good intentions, and others with bad intentions, the spectrum of the nature of these intentions is a moot point within this memorandum.)

For the sake of clarity, we agree that every person has the right to form ideas and hold opinions on any subject, and also has the right to freely communicate those ideas and opinions in a manner of their choosing. Of particular importance are the vehicles of communication that are protected globally as fundamental freedoms, which include, but are not limited to, spoken, gestured, written, sketched, painted, engineered, and telepathically-transmitted forms of expression.

As you may know, the aforementioned forms of expression can traverse an entire gamut of efficacy ranging from the highly effective (e.g., written memorandums) to the exhaustively ineffective (e.g., telepathic thought-instantiated prayer), the latter upon which this memorandum addresses.

Based on the fact that telepathy has, at present, not been scientifically validated in peer-review (as far as we can discern), we therefore conclude that atheists are naturally immune to the power of prayer since prayer relies inexorably on telepathy as its cardinal vehicle of communication.

Additionally, and in the interest of saving time and preventing ongoing wasted efforts being dedicated to praying for atheists, in the absence of scientifically peer-reviewed evidence of efficacy concerning the power of prayer we also hereby conclude that praying for atheists (or for anyone else) is unnecessary. Further to this, we also suggest that those who feel compelled to pray might instead consider engaging in different activities that can provide higher qualities of satisfaction that are rooted in reality and usually also supply the potential to yield empirically measurable short- and/or long-term outcomes.

Moving forward, if at some point the power of prayer is proved efficacious in a manner that “passes the muster” of credible scientific peer-review, then we recommend that a succeeding follow-up memorandum be published to remediate such a deficiency in accordance with the decidedly intentional desire to remain accurately consistent with reality.

We enjoy sharing in a collective responsibility to ensure that compliance with reality is not tainted by delusion, and that the ongoing application of skepticism and the use of tools such as scientific methodology, which are imperative to the continued better-understanding of reality, ultimately aides in improving and maintaining higher qualities of living for all forms of life.

The resources listed hereunder are freely available to anyone who possesses access to the internet, and can lead to finding informative materials, scientific research, white papers, medical literature, case-law, philosophy, interactive debates with real atheists and/or real theists, and a further variety of intellectually valuable tool kits for skeptics and academics alike.

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It is common knowledge that many atheists share in a strong commitment to ensuring that enjoying a higher quality of life is inclusively beneficial to the widest possible variety of species. The consistent application of skepticism and critical thinking skills is an essential part of the realistic contributions to better lifestyles and life experiences for everyone.


Memorandum - 2017-Feb-12 - The Atheist Frontier

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