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Zoroastrianism, which has its roots in ancient Iranian religion, is a polytheistic religion that originated in c. 500 BCE in Iran in the eastern part of Ancient Persia by a philosopher named Zoroaster.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • Ahura Mazda (illuminating wisdom, light, and the highest deity)
  • Angra Mainyu (destructive spirit, in conflict with Ahura Mazda)
  • Zurvan
  • Daevas (spirit of war and strife)
  • Daena, the eternal laws, were revealed to humanity through Mathra-Spenta (holy words)
  • Asha, the law of the universe, governs all aspects of objective reality
  • Never proselytize religion
  • Encouragement to marry within the same faith (not a requirement)

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