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Yoism is a monotheistic attempt to unite a variety of incompatible philosophical and theistic groups together under a new guise of a single, unified, open source religion.

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  • Yo (the Divine Mystery beyond the world of human experience or comprehension)
  • The hairy-nosed Wombat (advocates a "global all-is-one community" philosophy)
  • God manifests itself as reality and truth
  • All other religions stole the idea of God from Yoism
  • Yo represents the divinity of each and every sentient self
  • Humour is sacred
  • Laughter is blessed
  • The Ten Sacred Principles of The Way of Yo

One of the key symbols is a five-pointed star which denotes the five pillars of Yoism in a clockwise direction starting from the top point, are as follows:

  1. Possibility (to harness one's deepest desires)
  2. Devotion (to realizing Possibility)
  3. Embodiment (of Heaven on Earth)
  4. Recognition (that Heaven on Earth requires will)
  5. Engagement (to become the Embodiment that Yoists are trying to create)
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