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Wicca is a contemporary polytheistic religion that was first introduced to England in 1921 CE.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • Triple Goddess (sometimes represented as moon, stars, and fate):
    • Maiden (waxing moon); representing birth, enchantment, youth, new enthusiasm, inception, expansion, and the promise of new beginnings
    • Mother (full moon); representing life, fulfillment, power, sexuality, fertility, stability, and ripeness
    • Crone (waning moon); representing death, magic, wisdom, tranquility, rest, sleep, the underworld, and endings in general
  • Horned God (associated with nature, sexuality, wilderness {forests in particular}, animals, hunting, the afterlife, and the cycle of life); provides comfort and consolation after death and before reincarnation
  • Other gods and goddesses (as deemed necessary)
  • Spirits (various)
  • Goddess and God are complimentary polarities in the universe who balance each other out
  • Magic
  • The Classical Elements:
    • Spirit
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Earth
    • Air
  • The Wiccan Rede ("an ye harm none, do what ye will")
  • The Great Rite (a high priestess or high priest invokes the deities to possess a couple before they engage in sexual intercourse to raise magic energy needed for certain spells)
  • Skyclad (working in the nude, which is typically over-sensationalized by the media)
  • Witchcraft and Sorcery

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