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Rodnovery (a word meaning "native faith"), which is a contemporary Pagan religion, is a Slavic Native Faith is a contemporary polytheistic religion (although some monotheist variants exist which only worship Rod) that originated in the early 1,930s CE.  Rodnovery combines invented traditions with many historical belief systems held and practised by Slavic people mostly from Eastern and Central Europe.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • Rod (supreme god)
  • Belobog (the white god)
  • Chemobog (the black god)
  • Perun
  • Svetovid (the worldseer) with four faces (one facing each direction of North, East, West, and South)
  • Triglav (the three-headed one)
  • Dual dynamism (represented by Belobog and Chemobog)
  • Axis mundi (the navel of the world, a.k.a., the cosmic axis or world tree)
  • Afterlife
  • actions and their outcomes unfold and are to be dealt with in the present world
  • commemoration of ancestors
  • Day of Marzanna / Mokosh (November 10)
  • Day of Perun (August 2)
  • Day of Veles (multiple dates in January and February)
  • Day of Yarilo / Krasnaya Gorke ("Red Hill") celebrated between April 30 and May 1 Kollada festival
  • Kupala Night (June 23-24)
  • raskrestitsia ("de-Christianisation")
  • Shrovetide (March 24) spring equinox festival (a.k.a., Komoeditsa, or Maslenitsa)

Some of the beliefs are also partly or loosely based on Slavic folklore, some Christian beliefs from non-Slavic societies, Hinduism, Buddhism, German Heathenry, Siberian Shamanism, and Zoroastrianism.

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