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Quimbanda (meaning healer-diviner and ritual possessor) is a polytheistic religion, which originated in c. 1950 CE, has its roots in Bantu Magic and African-Brazilian culture.  It is also noted for honouring the spiritual practices of Angola and the Kongo from a time when African slaves were being transported to Brazil by the Protuguese.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • Capeta Maoiral (chief deity and divine fire that rules over Quimbanda)
  • Nzambi (creator deity, ruled by the Maoiral)
  • Exu Rei (warlord deity and the reflection of heavenly fire)
  • Eleggua (all-knowing deity that witnesses everything and can change destinies)
  • Exu (spirit Lord of Magic)
  • Pomba Gira (spirit Mistress of Witchcraft)
  • Legba non Rada (gatekeeper spirit)
  • Eshu (spirits that govern and manifest as natural forces)
  • Magic spells
  • Babalawos are experts with spiritual technology required to tame Eshu for the betterment of humanity
  • The safest offerings for Eleggua and Eshu are toasted corn, smoked fish, rum, and cigars
  • Collection of herbs and other materials needed for concoctions required to affect certain magic spells
  • Never worship Exu (Exu is to be honoured)

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