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Lukumi (a.k.a., Lucumi, Santería, or La Regla de Ocha) is a polytheistic religion that originated in Cuba in the mid-to-late 1,800s CE where it was practiced secretly by slaves who were brought primarily from Africa.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • Olodumare (the creator)
  • Orisha (deified ancestors)
    • Elegua (warrior)
    • Ochosi (warrior)
    • Ogun (warrior)
    • Osun (warrior)
  • Egun (ancestral spirits)
  • Negative energies are created by human foibles
  • Photographs and looking in mirrors manifests vanity
  • Certain necklaces called "Elekes" are sacred
  • All ceremonies and rituals begin with paying homage to one's ancestors
  • Brides wear white clothing for the first year to repel negativity
  • Candles are burned as a form of illuminated prayer
  • No cremation
  • Animal sacrifice as offerings for communal meals and shared with ancestors and Orisha
  • Mandatory meat tasting (rare)

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