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Kimbanguism (a.k.a., Ngunzism and Prophetism) is a monotheistic religion in the Congo that began as an indigenous Zairian Christian sect in 1921 and eventually gained wide acceptance throughout Central Africa, crossing local, national, tribal, and class boundaries.  It rejects violence, politics, dancing, tobacco and alcohol, polygamy, magic, and whichcraft.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • Simon Kimbangu as God and the Holy Spirit
  • Prophet Simon Kimbangu (is special to God)
  • The Holy Trinity are Simon Kimbangu's sons
    • Father Kisolokele (first son) as God the Father
    • Father Dialungana (second son) as Jesus Christ reincarnated
    • Father Diangienda Kuntima (final son) as Simon reincarnated
  • Father Simon Kimbangu Kiangani, who is the grandson of Simon Kimbangu, is the third human form of the Holy Spirit (and also became leader of the Church in 2001)
  • Social services and youth work
  • Agriculture
  • Celebration of Healing (April 6)
  • Celebration of Kimbangu's death (October 12)
  • Kimbangu Christmas (May 25)
  • Worship practices that are similar to that of Baptists

Simon Kimbangu, who had been a Baptist, founded the Kimbanguist Church that emphasized biblical teachings and miracle healing, a movement which eventually lead to his imprisonment for the remainder of his life by the Belgian authorities.

The Kimbanguist Church was an organized hierarchy that was later ruled by Simon Kimbangu's three sons who declared Nkamba, where Simon Kimbangu was born and buried, as the New Jerusalem.

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