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Kahuna is Hawaii's ancient polytheistic religion that originated in ancient Hawaiian culture between 500 CE and 1,100 CE by Pa'ao (who brought the religion's Polynesian fundamentals from Samoa); he was instrumental in bringing the High Chief Pili-kaaiea (also from Samoa) to rule the island of Hawaii (some descendents of Pili-kaaiea have remained among the highest ranked families in Samoa into the 21st Century CE).

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • Prominent deities
    • Kāne
    • Lono
    • Kanaloa
  • Ke kanahā (forty additioanl male deities derived from Kāne)
  • Ka lau (four hundred additional goddesses and gods)
  • Ke kini akua (at least four thousand additional goddesses and gods)
  • Na 'unihipili (spirits)
  • Na 'aumākau (guardians)
  • Hawaiian islands are all children of Papa, Wākea, and Ho'ohokukalani
  • Kumulipo (creation myth)
  • Women shouldn't eat certain red foods, pork, banana, or coconut because they symbolize the male sex
  • Death penalty for violating village-wide mandates of long periods of absolute silence which also applied to babies and animals
  • Kumulipo chant that links the Hawaiian Royal ali'l to the deities
  • Men and women prohibited from eating meals together, and their food has to be cooked in seperate ovens
  • Overfishing restrictions
  • Prayer posture, which also denotes self-respect, includes sitting upright with head high and both eyes open
  • Sacrifice of first born child of Wākea and Ho'ohokukalani by burial, with whatever plants sprouted becoming the first "kalo" (a.k.a., "taro")
  • Those believed to have spiritual power cannot be touched or in close proximity to anyone else
  • Women forced to leave the community while menstruating

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