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  • Twelve primary olympian deities
    • Zeus (father of gods and men)
    • Aphrodite (goddess of beauty, love, and desire)
    • Apollo (god of light and darkness, the sun, beauty, music, the arts, knowledge, archery, healing, prophecy, and manly youth; transmitted the oracles while at Delphi)
    • Ares (god of war, bloodshed, and all forms of violence)
    • Artemis (goddess of animals, birth, virginity, the moon, hunting, and archery)
    • Athena (virgin goddess of war, strategy, defense, hand-made crafts, scrapbooking, and wisdom; daughter of Zeus and Metis)
    • Demeter (goddess of fertility, nature, seasons, and agriculture)
    • Dionysus (god of ecstasy, wine, parties, and theatre; has a mortal mother)
    • Hephaestus (god of the forge and fire; serves as master craftsman and master blacksmith of the gods)
    • Hera (wife and sister of Zeus, queen of the gods, governs family and marriage)
    • Hermes (god of competitive games, thieves and pirates, barter and commerce, and communications; serves as messenger of the gods)
    • Poseidon (god of earthquakes and the ocean)
  • Additional olympian deities
    • Asclepius (god of remedies, healing, and medicine)
    • Eros (god of sexual love, and beauty)
    • Hades (god of death and black market riches; king of the underworld)
    • Hebe (goddess; daughter of Zeus and Hera)
    • Hestia (gentle goddess of generosity, the hearth, family, and domestic order; gave her thrown to Dionysus to ensure peace)
    • Kronos (father of Zeus and Rhea's husband, and youngest child of Uranus and Gaia)
    • Minerva (goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools, justice, and commerce; daughter of Zeus and Metis)
    • Pan (god of nature, wilderness, the forest, mountains, shepherds and flocks, hunting, rustic music)
    • Persephone (goddess of spring; queen of the underworld and consort of Hades' who kidnapped her {this relationship can be explained by Stockholm Syndrome}; daughter of Zeus and Demeter)
    • Rhea (mother of Zeus and Kronos' wife, and the Titaness daughter of Uranus and Gaia)
    • Tyche (goddess of fortune, prosperity, and destiny; daughter of Zeus)
  • Non-olympian deities and demigods
    • Anemoi (gods of the winds)
      • Boreas (north)
      • Eurus (east)
      • Notus (south)
      • Zephyrus (west)
    • Aura (goddess of fresh air and cool breezes)
    • Circe (goddess of magic)
    • Deimos (god of terror)
    • Eileithyia (goddess of birth; daughter of Hera and Zeus)
    • Enyo (goddess of war; is a companion of Ares; daughter of Hera nd Zeus)
    • Eos (goddess of dawn who rises each morning from the edge of the world ocean)
    • Eris (goddess of chaos, strife, and discord; a.k.a., "goddess of confusion")
  • Heracles (a.k.a., Hercules; famously known for his strength)
  • Aeolus (king of winds, master of seasonal winds; keeper of the Anemoi deities)
  • Amphitrite (wife of Poseidon, and queen of the ocean)
  • Bia (personification of force and violence; she stole fire and gave it to mortals)
  • Dione (a nymph of the ocean; Aphrodite's mother according to Homer)
  • Oracles

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