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Gnosticism (a word that means "having mystical knowledge") is also the name of a monotheistic religion that originated in the first or second century CE.  It is a dualistic belief system that rejects the material world and embraces the spiritual realm.

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  • Yaldabaoth (the name of the Demiurge, which is an artisan-like figure responsible for fashioning and maintaining the physical universe, created when Sophia {one of the lesser aeons} tried to emanate without her counterpart)
  • Abraxas (in charge of 365 spirits)
  • Aeon (various eminations of God)
  • Archon (angel and demon servants)
  • Demiurge (creator of the universe)
  • Sophia (wisdom, and lowest emanation of God)
  • God is unknowable (before death)
  • Fasting rituals (no food or water)

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