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Elián González (with the word "Elián" comprised of the first three letters of his mother's name, Elizabeth, and the last two letters of his father's name, Juan) is a monotheistic religious movement that began in Cuba in c. 1997 CE, and comprises various characteristics from certain African religions and Roman Catholicism.

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  • Eleggua (the Afro-Cuban deity who is a mischeivous child is Elián González, who is also the personification of this African spirit and Roman Catholic saint)
  • The Virgin Mary (who occasionally appears in Elián González' bedroom window)
  • Dolphins saved Elián González from sharks and helped him with his inner tube
  • Elián González was reaching toward an angel at his time of rescue
  • Marches are held in the street to honour Elián González
  • Worship at Elián González' desk at school, which was converted to a shrine

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