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Druze (a.k.a. Druse, Muwahhid, Mowahhidoon, Mo'wa'he'doon, Taw'heed Faith) is a monotheistic religion that originated in c. 1,000 CE with its roots in the Middle East religions, particularly Islam and other Abrahamic theologies.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • God (strictly and uncompromisingly the single unified deity that oversees everything)
  • Iblis (the devil spirit)
  • Light of God (an major component of spiritual journeys)
  • God has no distinct attributes
  • God is entirely wise, just, and mighty
  • Prayer is practiced in prayer-houses called Khalwa
  • Women wear clothing that covers from their heads to their ankles
  • Men wear white turbans that identify position in hierarchy, dark traditional clothing called "shirwal," and grow mustaches

The five Druze Principles, which are reflected in various symbolism (such as the five equal sections of a pentagonal star or in an artistic assortment on the Druze flag) are represented by colours (white is regarded as a colour in Druze culture):

  • Green:  Universal mind
  • Red:  Universal soul
  • Gold:  Words and symbols
  • Blue:  Cause, precedent, or potential cause
  • White:  Effect, future, or prediction
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