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Discordianism is a monotheistic religion that was founded in c. 1,958 CE with the publication of its first holy doctrine, The Principia Discordia, which was written by "Lord Malaclypse the Younger" and "Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst."  The fundamental philosophy is that order and chaos are neurological illusions that are imposed on the universe, and that it's not possible to completely validate objective truth.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • Eris (a.k.a., Discordia), the Greco-Roman goddess of chaos (or "discord"), virtues, and archetypes
  • Creative forces
    • Order
    • Disorder
  • Sacred Chao
  • Law of Fives
  • Curse of Greyface
  • Sacred texts are dangerous
  • Chaos is the underlying impulse of the universe
  • The "Law of Fives" is never wrong
  • Catmas (teachings and sayings, explanations, quotations, art, humour, etc.)
  • Declaration of everyone to be ordained as Discordian Popes (male) or Momes (female)
  • On the first Friday after illumination, a Discordian must go somewhere to be alone and "partake joyously of a hot dog" but without hot dog buns
  • Prohibition against males believing anything they read

The Discordian Calendar year has 5 months called "seasons," of 73 days each, which are named Chaos ("Chs"), Discord ("Dsc"), Confusion ("Cfn"), Bureaucracy ("Bcy"), and The Aftermath ("Afm").  Each week is 5 days long, which are named Sweetmorn ("Sweet"), Boomtime ("Boom"), Pungenday ("Pungent"), Prickle-Prickle ("Prickle"), and Setting Orange ("Orange").

St. Tib's Day is an extra day that is inserted every 4 years between the 59th and 60th days during Chaos (in the same manner that February 29th occurs in conjunction with leap years).

Annual apostle holy days:

  • Mungday - occurs on the first Setting Orange in Chaos
  • Mojoday - occurs on the first Setting Orange in Discord
  • Syaday - occurs on the first Setting Orange in Confusion
  • Zaraday - occurs on the first Setting Orange in Bureaucracy
  • Maladay - occurs on the first Setting Orange in The Aftermath
  Annual seasonal holy days:

  • Chaoflux - occurs on the 50th day in Chaos
  • Discoflux - occurs on the 50th day in Discord
  • Confuflux - occurs on the 50th day in Confusion
  • Bureflux - occurs on the 50th day in Bureaucracy
  • Afflux - occurs on the 50th day in The Aftermath

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