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The origins of the Roman Catholic Church can be traced back to 107 CE when St. Ignatius of Antioch, the first writer to use the phrase "Catholic Church," was martyred in Rome.  The strong Christian population of Antioch was among the most important of Christianity's influential epicentres, and so the eventual mass conversion to Catholicism had a serious long-term impact on Christianity, which generally rejected progressive adaptations that Catholicism was embraced.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • God
  • Jesus Christ (God's begotten son)
  • Gabriel (archangel who also delivers messages)
  • Michael (angel who stands for children)
  • Raphael (angel)
  • Satan (fallen angel and overseer of Hell)
  • Apostle's creed (belief in god as creator of everything)
  • Athanasian/Trinitarian creed (loyalty to the faith to be saved)
  • Nicene creed (committment monotheism)
  • Evolution (as opposed to Creationism)
  • Attending church services every Sunday
  • Christmas celebration
  • Honouring The Pope

The Vatican is a city in Italy that is home to the Roman Catholic Church and serves as Catholicism's headquarters.  The city also functions as an autonomous country with its own unique system of justice and internal government that oversees social order, civil engineering, health regulations, military and security forces, etc.

A prominent and popular figurehead is The Pope who is commonly respected as the official representative of the Catholic religion despite the troubling controversey surrounding Mother Teresa's activities and the misconduct by many Catholic priests who are stationed throughout the world.

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