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Aleph was founded by Master Asahara Shoko (Matsumoto Chizuo) in Japan in 1987 as a new religious movement.  It was known as Aum Shinrikyo (meaning "supreme truth") until the year 2000 when it was renamed to Aleph.  The renaming was part of an important effort following a famous nerve gas attack in Japan's subway systems by Master Asahara Shoko that occurred on March 20th, 1995, as the remining members made a concerted effort to distance the group from its suicide-cult roots and set up a fund to help the families of victims of the gas attack.

Deities:   Supernatural agents:   Beliefs:   Traditions:
  • Shiva (the Great Buddha Lord and Guru)
  • Kundalini (life energy)
  • Chakras (7 spiritual energy centres)
  • Karma (what you do comes back to you)
  • The three channels
    1. Ida (left channel)
    2. Sushumna (central channel)
    3. Pingala (right channel)
  • Accumulation of virtuous acts to eliminate unvirtuous acts
  • The five precepts
    1. Do not kill
    2. Do not steal
    3. Do not lie
    4. Do not commit sexual misconduct
    5. Abstain from alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and abusing drugs

Aleph is heavily influenced by Buddhism, but was originally organized in response to a strong dissatisfaction with how Buddhism was generally being promoted and practiced in Japanese society.

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