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Glossary - Genital mutilation community

Genital mutilation is the intentionally destructive act of damaging, debilitating, destroying, or removing genitalia.  Since genitalia is extremely sensitive, mutilation is generally performed on infants who don't typically have long-term memories of physical pain.

The phrase "genital mutilation community" identifies those who promote, officiate, practice, advocate for, or otherwise inflict circumcision on male and/or female infants (with the overwhelming majority of adherents often touting "religious practices" for justification).  Although there are other types of mutilation, circumcision seems to be overwhelmingly common with a great many proponents.

As with any form of elective surgery, genital mutilation is not without its risks.  The result of circumcision is that the sensation of the nerves is usually diminished, sometimes causing sensations that are painful rather than enjoyable.  The operation itself sometimes leads to infections, which has been fatal on many occasions.


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