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An atheist is characterized by atheism, which is the "absence of belief in deities."  The letter "a" from the word "atheist" is a prefix meaning "without" or "not," thus "atheist" means "not theist."  The word "atheist" originated from the Ancient Greek word " ἄθεος " (or "átheos") which means "godless" (according to Google Translate, 2008-2012 CE) or, more generally, "without a deity."

From the first moment of existence, every member of every species is logically classified as an atheist because conceptualization of a deity is required before any belief in one is possible.

Being an atheist has many benefits, which you can read about by following this link.  To gain more perspective from other atheists, this list of blogs should satisfy your curiosity.



An acronym has been suggested that spells A.T.H.E.I.S.T., as follows:  A Thoughtful, Honest, Ethical, Intelligent, Skeptical Thinker.


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