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F.A.Q. - Relationships

Due to the freedom that fills the void left by the absence of doctrine, diversity is one of the consequential characteristics of atheism.  This freedom and diversity is at the core of human existence, and those who embrace it have access to a far greater breadth of life experiences in this arena.

Can atheists get married to others who are not atheists?

Yes, at least from the perspective of atheism.  There is nothing about atheism, or within the definition of atheism, that imposes any such restrictions on who atheists can marry.

It's important to note that some religions are known to restrict marriage to others who follow the same religion, and in some cases the same sect within the same religion.  Unfortunately, this prevents some theists from marrying atheists.

Can atheists date others who are not atheists?

Yes.  No such restrictions are imposed by atheism.

Can atheists count among their friends those who are not atheists?

Yes.  Genuine friendship is an atheistic value, which means that it has no arbitrary requirements.  Any expectations that one's friends must all share the same beliefs in religion, or must all be atheists, etc., have misunderstood the genuine aspects of the meaning of the word "friendship."

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